Designed With You In Mind – 10 Ergonomic Creations

Sure, we’re all fixated by a scintillating exterior but when it comes to added appeal there’s nothing quite like an ergonomic invention. To this end, designers have continuously strived to create pieces with the user in mind, refining and reworking creations to ensure they support us in every way.

In today’s blog we take a closer look at some of our favourite pieces that have been birthed from this philosophical approach to design…

Harbor Armchair by B&B Italia

1. Harbor Armchair

Designed for mind, body and soul this B&B Italia armchair was created to achieve the feeling of being wrapped up, offering a sense of security and optimum bodily comfort. The design is super stylish and offers a soothing experience all-round! Shop now

Rookie High Office Chair by Vitra

2. Rookie High Office Chair

Designed for the flexibility and freedom of its users, Rookie was created by award-winning designer Konstantin Grcic for environments where the creation and exchange of ideas is encouraged. Its ergonomic design aids autonomy, with a height-adjustable seat and a back support which slightly flexes when pressure is applied. Shop now

Fedro Outdoor Floor Rocker by Dedon

3. Fedro Outdoor Floor Rocker

This ergonomic woven beauty by Dedon offers a unique seating experience which allows users to rock back and forth to their delight. Thanks to its legless construction and easily stackable silhouette, the designs ground-breaking structure can be enjoyed in any environment. Shop here

Beugel Dining Chair by Cassina

4. Beugel Dining Chair

This architectural design offers extra ergonomic appeal due to its pioneering use of 3D technology. Thanks to the Cassina research and development centre, this stylish piece has revolutionised the way we sit, using 3D production to create a comfortable backrest which follows the natural shape of the consumer’s body. Shop now

Caboche MyLight Pendant Light by Foscarini

5. Caboche MyLight Pendant Light

After establishing individual’s lives are ever changing, Foscarini set out to create a light source in support of this. Acknowledging the needs of their diverse clientele, they set up a lighting system that aimed to improve user experience, allowing them to personalise brightness to cater to their mood and environment via a super efficient portable app. Shop now

Drop Dining Chair by Fritz Hansen

6. Drop Dining Chair

It was 1958 when Arne Jacobsen was inspired to create the drop chair after gazing over at his wife positioned at her dressing table. After acknowledging her form he began to imagine new ways of comfort, already creating a resourceful design in his mind. From the angle he sat he began to draw a line down his wives shoulder blades, prompting the initial creation of the iconic ‘freedom in movement’ drop structure we are familiar with today. Shop now

Maralunga 40 Maxi Three Seater Sofa by Cassina

7. Maralunga 40 Maxi Three Seater Sofa

Maralunga is both stylish and comfortable and can be enjoyed by everyone! The timeless Cassina classic was created with the aim to accommodate all, designed with an adjustable back rest and sides to cater to different heights and personal preferences. The stunning extended maxi version offers extra accommodation with its newly exaggerated proportions and spacious structure. Shop now

Hack Desk – Crank Adjustment

8. Hack Desk – Crank Adjustment

Office environments can be challenging at times. Vitra recognises comfort shouldn’t play a part in this. Allowing employees to settle into their surroundings is essential in enhancing productivity and performance. This is why they created the Hack desk. Crafted with an adaptable structure for employee preference, the desk offers range, allowing flexibility and freedom throughout the working day. Shop now

Multy Premier Sofa bed

9. Multy Premier Sofa Bed

This Ligne Roset multipurpose design offers style, practicality and comfort. Its changeable structure means users can adapt to their circumstances, while its trendy exterior allows it to reside beautifully in any home. Shop now

Type 75 Mini Metallic Desk Lamp by Anglepoise

10. Type 75 Mini Metallic Desk Lamp

We love this revitalised version of the super efficient desk lamp originally designed by Sir Kenneth Grange in the 1930s. Marrying faultless function with statement form, this premium lights excellent engineering allows luminosity to be projected from multiple angles, enabling individuals to tackle tasks head on! Shop now

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