Designers To Watch in 2020: Federica Biasi

Franz Kafka once wrote that the joy of youth is the ability to see and experience beauty. Never has a description felt more fitting than for rising Italian star, Federica Biasi. At just 31, she has set in motion many of the trending ideas that have characterised interiors over the past few years. An early advocate of boucle knits and sweeping Art Deco curves, she is uniquely attuned to the colours, textures and shapes that will come to matter to design lovers across the globe.


Biasi first burst onto the Chaplins radar in 2018 thanks to her unique collaboration with luxury Italian brand, Gallotti & Radice. With further exciting projects confirmed for this year’s Salone del Milano, she is without a doubt a Designer to Watch in 2020.


What are you most excited about design-wise in 2020?

I foresee the year 2020 will bring something truly new. As we are already experiencing in the first design fairs of the year I feel there is an electric energy, an openness and desire to “make” both from the designers and manufacturers. I do see a new era beginning where people have a broader view.

In 2011, Federica Biasi graduated with honours from the European Institute of Design.

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Does the political Zeitgeist influence the way you design? Or are they two separate things?

My gut feeling says yes but I honestly don’t know. The current political and economic events are complex. They are difficult to process when you live in them. When I design I tend to focus on the project by retrieving from the outside world and therefore by the latest news. Each of us has a unique vision of the world and way to deal with it. I focus on the positive, or better, I try not to be influenced by the negative side of things. I like to see the glass half full.

After 2011, she embarked upon an array of internships and jobs with Milan-based agencies. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that she decided to move to Amsterdam to have more proximity with the Nordic design tradition, who’s formal simplicity would go on to define much of her personal style.

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What does your dream commission look like in 2020?

2020 is a very exciting year for me. My ongoing collaboration with Gallotti & Radice will see the launch of a new armchair at Salone del Mobile in June. In the second part of the year, I will release a project I have been working on for the past two years — a “design for all” product distributed on a large scale. This is already a dream come true, however, to dream even bigger I would love to work on a restaurant project to be able to design every single piece of furniture.

In 2015 she set up her own design studio in Milan, working on product design, design consulting and interior design.

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Are there any trends or ideas from the last year that you’ll be taking with you into the new decade?

I like the fact there is more and more real commitment to the environment. I will be taking with me into the new decade the desire to convey the natural elegance of materials using earthy tones and finishes like in the Sophie Sofa designed for Gallotti & Radice in 2019. I am very fond of the earthy rust red and textured bouclé fabric in contrast with the sleek anthracite grey lacquered metal structure.

In January 2018, Federica Biasi presents the Sophie Armchair for Gallotti & Radice, making waves for it’s striking Bauhaus frame and oversized proportions.

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If you’re not in the studio working, where would we find you?

I can be an extrovert and an introvert. I like to dine out with friends, go for a walk, listen to music as much as staying home and meditate during stressful and busy periods. I love to be by myself as much as meet new people. Depending on the day you would find me in a bar with friends or at home thinking and relaxing on the sofa.

In the same year, Biasi is nominated by Andrea Brianzi as one of Maison&Objet’s 6 Rising Talents.

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