Earthly Delights: Beige Decorating Ideas To Try In 2021

Finding the perfect decorating hue is a tricky business. For years, our go-to neutral was grey, a cool uniform that promised to energise any interior. However, as the 2020s roll on, we find ourselves less swayed by coolness, and more interested in how we can create a sense of calm and serenity in our space. 


This shift in priorities has brought about a return to those most elemental of hues: the taupes, caramels and cappuccinos that are colloquially known as beige. Together, they speak of earth, sand and skin — ideas that seem much more grounded and appropriate for our current moment. Here’s how we’d style them…


Everything we know about colour comes from studying the world around us. One easy way to make beige hues work in your home is to layer them up as nature intended — pairing forest green sofas with rich wood tables and creamy beige throws.


Our second scheme is another tried and tested combo, popularised in no small part by the classic Burberry check. Notice how even the smallest shot of bloodstone red or sun-baked terracotta brings each of these beige rooms to life.


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In many ways, the return to beige can be seen as a digging in of heels. A firm, forthright no to the flattening of human experience via social media and screens. As a consequence, beige interiors tend to go in all-in on tactility with plush upholsteries and touch-me textures. One recently rediscovered finish is Travertine — a truthful yet subtle stone used throughout Ancient Rome. Its gentle veining is a little more muted than some of its other marble cousins, and tends to invite a curious caress from all who pass.


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 Much of the interest in beige is rooted in a longing to get back to the natural world. The furnishings these interiors call for should therefore be as generous and imperfect as those we find outdoors. Think craggy cut coffee tables and asymmetric loungers and tables. Where sleekness does appear, it should be in silhouettes that appear to have been sculpted by the elements — as with Gubi’s Beetle Chair or the stylish new Mama Bear series from Carl Hansen & Son.

Mama Bear

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When it comes to illuminating your homes with stylish lighting, there are a million ways to do it (many of which we’ve detailed here). One of our favourite ways to introduce luminosity on a micro-level is with glossy lacquers and polished metals. These high-shine finishes promise to underwrite your beige interior with a feeling of warmth while acting as a visual counterpoint to some of the softer, matter textures we’ve explored above.


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Sillon SH6

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In its warm undertones, beige promises to help create a space that is warm, rich and inviting. If your home could use a little update next year, why not give our Interior Planning Service a try? We’ll talk you through the colours, finishes and furnishings you need to achieve a versatile and serene space. Book your free appointment here or shop all the looks, online.  



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