Everything You Need To Know About Dulux’s 2020 Colour Predictions

Every autumn, Dulux reveal their colour predictions for the year ahead. A source of inspiration and hope, they seek to tap into the current Zeitgeist, using the evocative language of colour to express what words and politics cannot. This year, they’ve released four key palettes – Meaning, Creativity, Care and Play. Central to each chromatic composition is the shade ‘Tranquil Dawn’— a milky sage that oozes serenity. According to the experts, “it reflects a growing desire to understand what it is to be human at a time when advances in technology are making us feel increasingly disconnected.”

And while colour might seem like an optimistic salve to such an existential issue, we know that our environment has the power to shape how we think and feel, which in turn informs our actions. Creating a home that rejuvenates, inspires and soothes is a necessity in today’s hyperconnected world, and colour offers us a crucial way in. With this in mind, we’ve taken each of the palettes proposed by Dulux and investigated how they can be deployed to create a stylish and inspiring home.

A Home For Meaning

The meaning palette features neutrals that go beyond the usual beige and into more promising, evocative territories. Dark charcoals meet sea-shorn greys only to be uplifted by hazy greens and soft lavenders. Together, they offer a sophisticated alternative to pastels, swapping bubbly millennial hues for something a little more serene. Our top tip is to contrast these cool tones with rich and indulgent fabrics for a cosy and comforting look. Think B&B Italia‘s quilted Husk Sofa or Gubi’s perennially stylish Revers Chair in velvet. When it comes to wood, black-stained or darker finishes provide a beautiful contrast point, allowing these soft neutrals to really sing.

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A Home For Creativity

Creativity encapsulates the piquancy of autumn, peppering traditional earthy hues with dusty jewel tones. Dramatic and daring, it’s a rich and sophisticated palette for those who feel more confident experimenting with colour. One easy way to get in on the trend is by incorporating a colourful lacquered bookcase into your interior. Cattelan Italia‘s Wally makes a gorgeous statement in soft teal, acting as a striking background for this autumnal interior. Gallotti & Radice‘s gorgeous Art Deco style collection also lends itself well to such dusty jewel tones, with the Audrey Armchair and Syil Cabinets a perfect duo. The key here is to have fun, mixing styles and shades for optimal results.

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A Home For Care

The care palette goes right to the heart of the Tranquil Dawn campaign, serving up soothing pastel hues to create a relaxing and inviting space. A mix of delicate ochres, muted pinks and ocean shades, it lends itself particularly well to Scandinavian styles with Gubi, Muuto and Fritz Hansen leading the fore. Ideal for bedrooms and kitchens, we recommend incorporating furniture with a minimal design language to help emphasise the poetry of the palette. Muuto’s Fiber barstools or Louis Poulsen‘s Yuh Floor Lamp are a particular delight, inviting clean lines into open space.

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A Home For Play

The play palette is the most serendipitous and encourages you to spark colourful conversations through contrast. Ideal for vibrant bedrooms, it takes sunny upbeat hues such as orange and red and pairs them with Tranquil Dawn for an offbeat graphic effect. While striped feature walls have been indicated by the colour experts, we recommend taking just a couple of shades, say zesty yellow and burnt orange, and introducing them slowly into your interior. This vibrant palette looks fantastic with dark woods and natural textiles, with brands like Porada as a natural starting point.

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Will you be inviting any of these colour palettes into your home this year? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And remember, with the Chaplins Autumn Promotion in full swing, there’s never been a better time to start your design journey for less. Visit us in-store or online for exclusive promotions on all your favourite designer brands. 


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