Find Your Fit: Unique Office Chairs For Every Type of Professional

For far too long, offices have suffered from the sad fate of standardization. With the WFH revolution well underway, it’s time to switch things up and create a space that’s bespoke to you. So whether you’re coding into the wee hours or working on the floor plan of a beautiful boutique hotel, there’s an ergonomic office chair for you.

The Innovator

The mastermind behind several successful start-ups, the Innovator is someone who believes in making an immediate impression. They crave beautiful designs that are as sleek and sophisticated as the gadgets they invent. Colour is optional, functionality is not. Such personalities will find synergy with Swiss brand De Sede, whose striking, leather office chairs pack a stylish punch.

Legends of Leather

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DS-2100 Office Chair

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The Activist

For the hard-working activist, eco-credentials are everything. They want to know where the item was produced and whether it can be recycled at the end of its life. The N02 Recycled Office Chair goes a step further. Crafted entirely from recycled plastic, it’s a living embodiment of the circular economy. Available in a wide range of hues, it proves that design can be sustainable as well as stylish.

Sustainable Scandi Style

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N02 Recycled Office Chair

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The Executive

Power-lines and bold design define the interior of the Executive. The original pioneers of working from home, they require a statement office chair with a great story to boot. Originally nicknamed the “Bucket Seat”, the FK was first designed at the end of the 1960s by Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm. A beacon of modernity, it did away with superfluous details, instead opting for fine lines and a generous curved seat.

Interior Power Plays

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FK Swivel Office Chair

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The Freelancer

Always on the hunt for new projects, the Freelancer requires an office chair that is as nimble and versatile as they are. Available with a wide variety of bases, the Bat Meeting Chair by Gubi can be customised from top to toe to suit all kinds of interior contexts.

Light On Its Feet

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Bat Meeting Chair

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The Architect

For the discerning architect, nothing less than a design icon will do. And of all the designers past and present, none mastered the art of seating quite like Charles & Ray Eames. The Aluminium Collection was one of their design duo’s first triumphs, initially created for the home of a private art collector in Indiana.

Iconic Seating

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Eames Aluminium Office Chairs

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The Creative

Creative minds, on the other hand, will be immediately drawn to the whimsy and wonder of BD Barcelona. A quirky Spanish design house, browsing through its catalogue is like taking a trip down the rabbit hole. Boasting everything from Gaudi to Hayon, their eclectic archive promises to surprise and delight in equal measures. One standout collection is the Showtime Series — a mix of colourful chairs and loungers that can be enjoyed everywhere from the dining room to the office.

Down The Rabbit Hole

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Showtime Swivel Chair

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The Academic

Last but not least is the Academic — an intelligent, introverted type who can be found whiling away the hours in a home office bursting with books. Their profession dictates an extra comfortable office chair, one that’s amply padded in order to support extended reading or writing sessions. This venerable intellectual should look no further than the Husk range for B&B Italia — a comfortable, versatile series that features beautiful quilted upholstery.

Classic Comfort

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Husk Office Chair

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