A touch of sensual glamour from one of Italy's finest

In 1959 the Galimberti brothers opened up a workshop which they named Flexform by Galimberti. They made sofas and upholstered chairs that ended up in the most beautiful buildings in Milan, including the villas overlooking Lake Como. Their children in the ’60s transformed this well respected workshop into one of the leading Italian furniture brands that still today is known throughout the world.

Since the end of 60’s, FLEXFORM has been collaborating with the best Italian designers: Asnago-Vender, Sergio Asti, Cini Boeri, Joe Colombo, Paolo Nava, Rodolfo Bonetto, Gigi Radice, Guido Rosati to name but a few. One designer above all, however, Antonio Citterio, who for forty years has been coordinating the entire FLEXFORM collection. Architect, designer, deus ex machina, he is the designer who has given soul to the product. A precious interlocutor who speaks with the illuminated patronage of the company, nurturing over time the synergy made of exchange and sharing.