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When it comes to interior styling, Gubi’s no stranger to creating exceptional environments. From living to dining, their soothing selection of tones and mixed materials have every aspect of the home looking picture perfect. The strategic styling of the refined rooms will have you fixated but without a doubt it’s their beautiful designs that hold the true value within these scintillating settings.

In light of this we’ve selected some of our favourite Gubi home visuals, highlighting key pieces to help inspire you into revitalising your home this New Year!


Simple and consistent concepts enable pieces to flourish in an environment. Combining soft neutral tones with warm metal accents opens opportunity for a chic, welcoming setting — perfect for a dining room. Gubi’s iconic Beetle chairs flatter one and other in complementing fabrics, while the inherent qualities of the marble and wood Elliptical table invites you in to dine. Overhead, the matching Multi-Lite pendants offer direct lighting adding extra definition and a mood enhancing ambiance to the finished setting.

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When it comes to your living space it’s always fun to have that special piece to play with. Picking pallets that enable interiors to pop is essential when implementing a statement piece such as the Gubi Bat lounge chair in this vivacious nature-inspired print. Although each piece plays a pivotal role in this spacious environment, the calm tones of the Pacha armchair, Multi-Lite floor lamp and Turbo pendant allow the patterned design to really stand out. The daring mix of metal and leather materials across Gubi’s accessories and low tables adds unexpected character which refines the setting beautifully.

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Allow your mind to concentrate in a contemporary setting structured to support your workplace desires. Gubi’s earthy tones compliment the in-house greenery, exhibiting an aroma of wellness that is perfect for mindfulness. The stylish Dedal shelving helps de-clutter whilst enabling the workspace to be optimised in unconventional geometric form. Through the use of distinctive shapes the wall units add contemporary charisma, while the soft grey multi-directional table lamp is the perfect piece for a stylish yet practical shine.

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A place of zen, bedroom styling need not be over complicated. The most important piece is, of course, the bed. As highlighted, Gubi’s contemporary Stay bed dominates the setting perfectly allowing the complementary products to fall into place. Thanks to the designs low structure surrounding pieces blend beautifully creating level precision throughout. It’s important to not overwhelm your space with clashing colours, so utilising the mixed materials used in the TS low tables and Gravity floor lamps is a great way to add depth to a room without incorporating overbearing tones.

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Open Plan

When it comes to open plan living it is important to utilise your space. Avoid bulky items and large compositions and opt for slender silhouettes that segment the room. Gubi uses consistent colours to overlap the two settings, yet the designs dainty compositions enable the space to be mentally segmented into dining and living. The Gubi Round Wood table’s slim legs and lightweight design is ideal for open plan environments as are the narrow based 3D dining chairs accompanying the piece in this visual. The subtle splash of red integrated in the pendent trio gives extra detail to the room without clashing with the consistency of the tones throughout.

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