In Conversation With: Schönbuch’s Carolin Sangha

In 2020, we’re more tuned in to the power of beautifully-designed spaces than ever before. And while we’re quick to flock to an Instagrammable brunch spot, many of us shy away from creating such vibrant looks at home. Enter colourful German brand, Schönbuch. Stylish and versatile, their thoughtful designs promise to re-energize your space, helping to carve out creative storage opportunities in areas of the home that are oft-overlooked. In short, they’re the brand we wish existed when we moved into our first pad. To celebrate their arrival in-store and online at Chaplins, we sat down with Art Director, Carolin Sangha, to discuss colour, entrepreneurship and the secrets to an organised home.

Schönbuch is famous for focusing on areas of the home that are often neglected when decorating. Could you tell us a little bit about these and why they’re so important?

Schönbuch focuses on the entrance area, which, as you say, is often neglected. This room is the first you enter and the last you leave in the house, apartment, office or public area. It’s not just an “anti-room” that you should use only to take off coats, shoes and umbrellas, but rather a room to arrive in. Schönbuch has set itself the task of making this area interesting and homely. Nowadays we live much more openly in our houses and flats. The entrance area is no longer a long dark tube-like corridor, but a part of the living area. Of course, this area also includes storage furniture, seating and pleasant lighting.

Have you and your home always been organised? Or did being involved with Schönbuch help with this?

As a creative and visual person, I have always attached great importance to a beautiful home. My roots lie in fashion and I also adapt that to the interior. My work at Schönbuch gives me more insights into architecture and interior design, which helped me a lot in the design of my living space, especially on the subject of storage space.

One of the feelings I get from the collection is the idea of doing a lot with a little. What’s the secret to creating products that are both highly functional yet elegant?

It is no secret how the Schönbuch collection is created. It’s simply all about the design, which is always self-explanatory, contemporary, fashionable, elegant and follows the red thread of the Schönbuch ‚face’. Functionality is a matter of course. Schönbuch products should be used and not placed in the corner as objects. Many of the Schönbuch products are already classics and all of them have a high recognition value.

How would you describe your design process? Do you start with a problem then work on a solution? Or is it slightly freer than that?

I basically design products that I miss in my daily life, whether in my wardrobe or at home. I find inspiration everywhere and in everything. My design process is relatively fast. I draw my idea, define the material, determine the proportions and think about colours and surfaces. I don’t think long. My gut feeling always proves right.

Colour is one of the defining features of any Schonbuch product. What influences your choices?

I have a very good feeling for colours. When choosing the colours I let myself be influenced, if at all, by fashion. But on the whole, colours inspire me in my daily life. Whether a house wall, a plant, a shopping bag or a work of art. From all these daily influences I create colours and colour combinations for the Schönbuch collection.

Do you have any advice for young designers who are thinking about opening their own company?

Strictly follow your idea, be patient, think commercially, be authentic and represent your brand.

Favourite item from the new collection?

The upholstered Amie Stool designed by Christian Haas. The minimalist form acts as a playground for a variety of colours and fabrics.

Top tip for helping messy people get organised?

Create storage space! This is best done with sideboards or built-in cupboards. Everything should have its own place in the cupboards. Store small things in different boxes. I recommend the colourfully lacquered wooden boxes Tally, which I designed myself (I’ve always looked for such little helpers.). You can use them anywhere and for everything.  My top tip for storing shoes (I have a lot of them) – stack them in boxes and take a photo of each model so you don’t lose the overview.

Like what you see? Be sure to shop the collection online or pop down to our 25,000 sq ft. lifestyle showroom where we have a variety of Schonbuch designs on display.


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