Don't be square! Add sleek and sophisticated circles to help soften your living space

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  • Multi-Lite Pendant Light

    Multi-Lite Pendant Light

    The Multi-Lite Collection embraces the golden era of Danish design with its characteristic shape of two opposing outside, mobile shades that enable creating a personal installation and a wide range of lighting values in a room.


  • Copycat Table Lamp

    Copycat Table Lamp

    Two spheres just touch each other. One small, in a precious material, placed under the ‘shadow’ of the large one, in illuminated glass.


  • Solar Outdoor Floor Lamp

    Solar Outdoor Floor Lamp

    This large outdoor floor lamp by Jean-Marie Massaud features an expansive porcelain top that can practically double as a side table, thus providing you with diffused light as well as a centrepiece for the garden.


  • Dandelion Floor Lamp

    Dandelion Floor Lamp

    True to its name, Dandelion was initially inspired by the plant the creates the famous and poetic ‘dandelion snow’ of fuzzy, cotton-like seeds when a gush of wind blows on it.