Use a modular sofa and armchairs for large families

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‘Organised chaos’ is the enviable art of casual elegance. Fusing lots of elements, textures, and forms put together to create a living space that is visually exciting and creative. The key here is excellent planning and a muted colour scheme, nothing too busy. Experiment with finishes and fill the space with modular components that can evolve alongside the room.

  • Alfa Sofa

    Alfa Sofa

    The Alfa sofa, by designer Emaf Progetti, was designed in 1999 for Zanotta and features an iconic design which utilises straight lines.



  • Kent Armchair

    Kent Armchair

    Recently designed in 2013 by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, the Kent armchair features a revolving base which is crafted from black varnished steel.



  • Sciangai Coat Rack

    Sciangai Coat Rack

    Designed by De Pas, D'Urbino & Lomazzi in 1973 for Zanotta, the Sciangai Coat Rack forms part of an eccentric yet elegant collection from one of the leaders in Italian industrial design.



  • Arco Floor Lamp

    Arco Floor Lamp

    The Arco lamp designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni has been in continuous production since 1962 and is now considered a true design classic.



  • Trenzas Beige Rectangular Rug

    Trenzas Beige Rectangular Rug

    Made of wool and cotton on manual looms, the Trenzas rug displays nature in a pure form while evoking comfort and quality.



  • Splay-Leg Coffee Table

    Splay-Leg Coffee Table

    The Splay-Leg coffee table is a remarkable example of George Nakashima's talent for combining traditional influences and modern simplicity.