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Your interiors have served you well, journeyed with you through periods of growth, your personal evolution has accelerated and your interiors are lagging in modernity. Outgrown are your dated designs and exhausted are your dull, characterless colour pallets. Its time to take it to the next level, raise your profile by incorporating a revolutionary burst of bold vibrant tones into your outdated décor. Don’t shy away from colour, be bold and embrace it.

  • Husk Sofa

    Husk Sofa

    Elegant and casual at the same time, Husk is not a place you sit on, rather you sit in.



  • Fiorile Leather Top Side Table

    Fiorile Leather Top Side Table

    Created by Roberto Lazzeroni for luxury Italian manufacturer Poltrona Frau, the Fiorile collection features an array of sizes, shapes and finishes which excel when in groups.



  • Chanterelle Side Table

    Chanterelle Side Table

    Thanks to its strong frame, the Chanterelle is able to create a super slim silhouette that still has plenty of functionality.



  • Paradiset Sofa

    Paradiset Sofa

    Presenting itself with a unique and iconic shape which has now become synonymous with sofas, the Paradiset Sofa features curves together with straight lines. The comforting backrest is upholstered with buttons conveying a timeless contemporary look.