Introducing Laurameroni: A Whole New Design Language

It’s not often you get the chance to time travel, to rediscover in new futuristic forms the rich artistic power of bygone masters. What ensues on such rare occasions is a tingling sense of jamais vu, an old love revisited. The Laurameroni Design Collection evokes one such reaction, inscribing into each piece of furniture a whole new design language for the modern homeowner.


The collection takes its stimulus from the quiet finesse of the craftsmen of 20th century Brianza. The protagonists of a burgeoning design network in post-War Italy, their precise skills and collaborative approach would forever establish the municipality as a sanctuary of great Italian design. Embellished into the alphabet of precious woods and metals is Laurameroni’s characteristic reinvention of material surfaces. Meticulous attention to the tactile sense creates furniture with soul — pieces designed to be felt, savoured and lived. The Maxima 38 BD is no exception. Its oversized dimensions and inlaid surface herald the craggy ridges of the mountains protecting Lake Como, a love letter to the intricate carpentry that defines the region.

Laurameroni Drape Pouf

The bestselling Drapè range is equally sensory; a lush, unusual collection of poufs, armchairs and seating options upholstered in gorgeous ruched leather or velvet. Coined the masters of Surface Design by Elle Décor, their innovative experiments with textiles and precious metals continue to wow, none more so than Mark Anderson’s MA 20 Table Lamp. The exact positioning of the sheathed internal bulb manages to immortalize in design the fleeting beauty of an ebbing sun. The design delivers a layered ambient glow that enriches and enhances the peculiarities of its luxe brass casing. Carlo Giorgi’s Satellite Lamp is another collection highlight. Perfect for wide internal spaces, its curved stem delivers an invigorating burst of light, imbuing living spaces and the everyday tasks with a shot of creativity.

Laurameroni Cabinet

A designer with both heart and history, Laura Meroni’s insistence on at least 50% handmade production ensures the sumptuous quality of each item from start to finish. The swirl of sawdust and infinite patience of the artisan Brianza craftsmen live inside every design. From their unique collection of sideboards through to the effortlessly chic Echo Coffee Table, this Italian brand provides a necessary infusion of warmth and passion into contemporary living spaces.

Explore the soul-stirring Laurameroni Collection online or preview select pieces at Chaplins’ Chelsea Harbour Design Studio.


  • Echo Coffee Table

    Echo Coffee Table

    Created by Bartoli Design for Laurameroni the Echo coffee table features a glamorous brushed brass frame with a triangular frame between the two offset marble or glass tops.


  • Stars ST 12 Sideboard

    Stars ST 12 Sideboard

    A unique combination of simplicity of shape mixed with hand-crafted materials, the Stars ST 12 sideboard features a luxurious metal frame either completely clad or with a contrasting walnut “Colore””.


  • Raja BD 44 Rectangular Dining Table

    Raja BD 44 Rectangular Dining Table

    A sleek dining table created by Bartoli design for Italian material enthusiasts Laurameroni, Raja collection features tables completely crafted from marble - each of which provides you with a distinct look.


  • Maxima BD 21 Armchair

    Maxima BD 21 Armchair

    Created by acclaimed design studio Bartoli Design for luxury material enthusiasts Laurameroni, the Maxima BD 21 Armchair features a leaning backrest, perfect for lounging.


  • MA 20 Table Lamp

    MA 20 Table Lamp

    Designed by Mark Anderson and crafted in Italy by Laurameroni, the MA 20 table lamp is a stunning combination of different materials and a real statement piece bound to suit any interior.


  • Maxima BD 02 Wall Mirror

    Maxima BD 02 Wall Mirror

    Created by Bartoli design the, Maxima BD 02 Wall Mirror follows the same design ethos as the rest of Maxima collection.


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