Made in Italy: How To Live La Dolce Vita in 2020

This time last year, we were strolling around Milan, gulping down countless espressos and dreaming of new ways to work and play. And while we might have to wait until next year to return, design doesn’t slow down just because we do. Indeed, in times of uncertainty, it’s one of the key industries that sees us through, using its creativity to guide us to new destinations and futures.


Nowhere knows this better than Italy. The home of Murano glass and Memphis style, it’s where traditions are kept and artisans thrive. At once a way of life and a heartfelt mission, Made in Italy is a movement that seeks to share with the world a more beautiful way of living.


With the heartening news that Italian factories are now back to business as usual, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate all that is great about Made in Italy style. While we could wax lyrical about it forever, we’ve whittled it down to 7 categories, each of which reveals how to live la dolce vita in 2020.

The Colour: Celadon Green

Prince Dining Table by Arketipo

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Polo Barstool by Bontempi Casa

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The colour of healing, growth and hope, green is the visual balm our homes need right now. One shade that keeps appearing in Italian collections is Celadon, a soft, foggy sage with cool grey undertones. A welcome reprieve from some of last year’s more strident hues, it’s emergence is symbolic of the green-thinking taking place across the region. Ideal for use indoors or out, it can be dressed up with burnished metals or keep soft and organic with wood.

Frame Outdoor Sofa by Paola Lenti

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The Accessory: Room Dividers

Red Baron Bookcase by Knoll

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Hilton Screen by Porada

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There’s a time and a place for everything. At least, so there should be. As homes become increasingly multi-faceted, broken plan living has emerged as the styling tip du jour. Put simply, it describes the need to divide and conquer our living spaces, sealing off distractions in order to tap into productivity. So far-reaching has it become that it’s inspired a renewed interest in screens and room dividers, with brands like Porada and Mogg leading the fore.

Swing Screen by Mogg

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The Finish: Glass

Vitrail Mirrors by Magis

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5th Avenue by Gallotti & Radice

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In times of uncertainty, there can be something comforting about going back to our roots. For the last 1500 years, the artisans of Murano have honed, hammered and blown poetic sculptures of glass, each rich in colour and history. And just as our ancestors understood the divine feeling coloured glass could inspire, so contemporary artists have returned to its beauty. The most exciting examples can be found at GlasItalia, a bespoke atelier that specialises in creating ethereal tables and doors.

Sherazade Patchwork Doors by GlasItalia

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The Collection: Cassina Outdoor Perspective

LC7 Outdoor Swivel Chair

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Bowy Outdoor Coffee Table

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While some brands are looking inwards, others are looking outwards, exploring new territories and typologies. One such brand is Cassina, who, under the Art Direction of Patricia Urquiola, has ventured outdoors for the first time in its illustrious history. A mix of weather-proof icons and carnivalesque newbies. the 9 collections of alfresco styles invite impeccable comfort into the open.

Dine Out Armchair

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The Mood: Romantic Rococo

Wish Magnum Mirror by Cattelan Italia

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Madame C Bed by Bonaldo

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Dreamy orb lighting, oversized mirrors and Rococo references coalesce in this whimsical interior trend. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, romantic Rococo takes the very best of classical Italian style — think murals or herringbone flooring — and pairs it with more contemporary furnishings. All you’d need to complete the look are some Old-Master style paintings and art.

Let It Be Sofa by Poltrona Frau

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The Heritage Piece: D.859.1 Dining Table

Acrobatic Angles

Discover Gio Ponti

Make Art Out of The Everyday

With Molteni&C

We love a design with story and the D.859.1 doesn’t disappoint. In 1959, Gio Ponti was approached to help design the Time&Life Building in New York — at the time, the urban home of American publishing. Centre stage in the executive office was the D.859.1 table, a striking design which, in its size and precision, came to synthesise the interplay between the written and architectural breakthroughs being made in the building. Standing at over 3.6m long, it can comfortably seat up to 10 people, making it ideal for use in both residential and commercial projects.

D.859.1 Dining Table by Molteni&C

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The Big Idea: Inside Out

Captain Flint Outdoor Floor Lamp by Flos

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Ortigia Outdoor Chair by Flexform

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One of the key preoccupations of Italian designers over the last year has been developing designs that will help us live more harmoniously with nature. As well as rethinking the production processes with upcycled materials, it has involved a recalibration of our outdoor spaces as an extension of the residential panorama. Cue the emergence of wonderfully soft indoor/outdoor sofas and weather-proof versions of indoor lighting faves to help us live the outdoors day or night.

Hybrid Outdoor Collection by B&B Italia Outdoor

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