Make Light Work of WFH: Free Designer Task Lamp With Desks Over £2,000

Much ink has been spilled over the last year on the future of work. And whether you hope to be working remotely for the foreseeable future, or can’t bear the thought of another Zoom call, one thing’s for sure. Loving what you do is easier when you have a gorgeous space in which to do it.


To help you get started on your WFH journey, we’re offering an exclusive online promotion on some of our home office faves. This month, order any designer desk over £2,000 and you can choose from 1 of 12 contemporary task lights, absolutely free. For a peek at all the eligible designs, click here. Or, stick around for some of our style suggestions, as curated by our Creative Director, Ludovic Aublanc (the very best thing to come out of France since the pain au chocolat).

Bauhaus Inspired Desks

One of the difficulties of working from home can be a lack of structure. If you’re not careful, the flotsam and jetsam of daily tasks start to spill over, with no clear limits of where work begins and ends. One of our favourite ways to combat this is with a Bauhaus-inspired home office.


The protagonists of the Bauhaus School of Arts believed in reducing furniture down to its essential elements, creating streamlined silhouettes and a pure, minimalist design language. This sense of focus and calm is emphasised in the designs shared here — the visual antithesis of clutter.

Cobra Table Lamp

Works A Charm

Kaiser Idell Table Lamp

A Bright Idea

Lighter Than Air Glass Desks

Another way to achieve a visually light design footprint is with glass office desks. As well an introducing a sense of ethereality, they promise to maximise floor space — ideal for homes in which every square foot matters.


But what about storage you may ask? While some desks like Gallotti & Radice‘s Air and Fiam’s Rialto can be customised with a wheeled side unit, we feel obliged to remind you ladies and gents that, in 2020, it’s time to keep important documents in the Cloud.

TR Bulb Table Lamp

For The Globetrotters 

Wooden Writing Desks

In the writing community, there are many who believe that the space in which one writes is as conducive to great works as the words themselves. In pursuit of this sacred nook, we’ve rounded up a selection of wooden writing desks that encapsulate the romance and tradition of the craft. Think soft-close leather-lined drawers, warm walnut surfaces and discrete cable tidies (does anyone really write by hand anymore?)


To complement these, our Creative Director has handpicked retro task lights from Made in Italy brand, Contardi, and legendary British design house, Anglepoise. Over the years, each of these design houses proved themselves fluent in the evocative language of light, becoming eloquent storytellers in their own right.

Josephine Small Table Lamp

Old-Worldly Elegance

Original 1227 Brass Desk Lamp

Best of British

Executive Power Desks

Executive desks reveal the designer at their very best. They must embody the confidence of someone who is at the top of their game, and so deal in daring cantilevers, swopping silhouettes and a wide range of luxurious finishes.  Recreating this interior power play at home requires ample space but is well worth the effort for those who crave the professionalism of the office.


The accompanying task light will depend on the work being undertaken. For those who regularly analyse documents — look for something like Flos’s high-performance Kelvin series. For maximum impact, it’s Tom Dixon‘s Bell.

Kevin LED Table Lamp

Razor Sharp Focus

Bell Table Lamp

A High Note

Mid-Century Modern Desks

As the name suggests, mid-century modernists were designers who were active in the 1950s and 60s. Riding a wave of post-war optimism, they understood themselves as architects of the future for whom anything was possible. While they respected classic materials, they wanted to make a statement with design and find new ways of manufacturing.


A plethora of structurally exciting designs soon followed — from the first All Plastic chairs to dramatic desks and lights whose hinged legs recreated the sharp lines of a compass or the wonder of flight. In our WFH promotion, you’ll find some of enduring faves.

Birdy Table Lamp

For A Work Day That Flies

Small But Mighty Desks

We know that not everyone has a dedicated spare room to transform into a home office but that doesn’t mean you can’t carve out a productive space for yourself at home. As such, we’ve scoured for the globe for the very best petite desks and task lights which will enable you to create your own corner of the world (or bedroom or hallway) in which to take calls and write emails. They might be small, but they pack one helluva punch, and can even double up as delicate consoles or dressing tables when not in use.


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