Mesmerising Glass Designs for AW19

Glass has long been regarded as a poetic material. Tactile and telling, the artisan lives on its bubbles and fissures, with the very best vintage designs dating back to 14th-century Bohemia. It’s in this spirit of innovation that today’s modern glassblowers have brought forth a wide range of mesmerising glass finishes, designed to enchant lovers of contemporary design. So whether fluted, rippled or blown, glass in 2019 is very much alive. And we’re totally here for it.

Sensual Surfaces

When we talk about adding texture to homes, we immediately think of beautiful rugs or tactile poufs. A lesser-known alternative is to incorporate hand-blown glass furniture and lighting. Thanks to a process of fusion at extremely high temperatures, designs like the Jelly Side Tables are inculcated with stunning ridges and bubbles that invite a curious caress from all who pass.

Oskar Dining Table

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Pinecone Pendant Light

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A Colourful Canvas

Seemingly heaven-sent, these breathtaking designs take inspiration from swirling nebula and stunning watercolours. Their ethereal finishes are the result of painstaking hours in the studio spent experimenting with layered glass and decorative printing. And yet for all its complexity, glass is seen as the ideal canvas, given its unique ability to reveal the colours of light. As such, they make for a stunning addition to contemporary living or dining rooms, providing a luminous injection of life.

Crystal Rock Pendant Light

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Shimmer Side Table

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Set In Motion

Glass is often used by designers to capture a sense of motion in a static object. It’s an idea that reached its apex in the architecture of Zaha Hadid and never fails to create an impact in modern homes. It can be whipped and light as per the Lasvit Neverending Glory Pendants or bold and rippling like the Liquefy Tables. Either way, it presents a living piece of art for contemporary homes.

La Scala Pendant Lights

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Noctambule Pendant Light

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Smoke and Mirrors

Smoked or fume glass adds a seductive undertone to modern interiors. It’s particularly at home in industrial settings, with smoked wall lights or pendants adding authenticity to these pared-back schemes. We recommend pairing it with rich woods for an edgy yet layered look. Two stunning examples are Porada’s Atlante Sideboard and BrokisMuffins Table Lamps, each of which masters the art of precious wood’n’glass combos.

Shadows Pendant Light

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Boutique Sideboard

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