New To Store: Elegant Designs For Every Room In The House

 Here at Chaplins, we’ve been busy updating our showroom with our favourite styles from across the globe. While together they encompass a wide range of tastes, underscoring each design is the same hope: to help people live better with the ones they love most. Keep reading for our shortlist or make an appointment to see them up close with one of our friendly experts, today.

Garden Delights

Ayana Sofa

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Ayana Armchair

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The name “Ayana” is an amorphous invention. Ask a friend in East Africa what it means and they’ll respond with “beautiful flower” or “eternal blossom”. Cross the Egyptian border into Israel, however, and they’ll say that it means “divine spirit”. We like to think that the stylish Ayana collection from B&B Italia Outdoor encompasses all of these ideals. In its colourful upholstery, it reflects the intricacy of the natural world, while the delicate wood frame honours the spirits of Italian artisans past. Taken together, it promises to help you live the outdoors all summer long.

Vibe Dining Chair & Joy Dining Table

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This season, we’re also delighted to welcome Danish brand Cane-Line to our showroom. Simple yet stylish, it’s ideal for smaller residences or those with a penchant for contemporary Scandi style.

Dinner Date

Epic Dining Table

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C-Chair by Gubi

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Beautiful Danish design can also be found in our dedicated Gubi studio. This season has seen a return to organic materials with tables crafted entirely from travertine or retro dining chairs with French cane backs. When paired together, they represent a softer look at luxury in which subtlety and tactility reign supreme.

Eames Plastic Chairs & Segmented Dining Table

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Seldom in the history of modern furniture has a chair had quite as much impact as the Eames Plastic Collection by Vitra. The re-release of the Eames Segmented Dining Table completes the vision of Charles & Ray Eames for contemporary dining rooms. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, it promises to become the communal heart of the home, a place to gather, socialise and dine.

Laidback Living

Offset Sofa

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Plinth Coffee Table

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Gentle curves, plush upholstery and nude colour schemes define contemporary lounging this summer. Some of our favourites include Menu’s Offset Sofa, the new Wonder Sofa by Gubi and the luxurious Caratos chair by Maxalto.

Caratos Armchair

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Back To Work

Canouan D Office Chair

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TS Desk

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With many of us working from home for the foreseeable future, we’ve been stocking up on all the designs you need to create a beautiful and productive home office. From petite desks through to statement office chairs, they promise to help you power through the day in style.

Masculo Meeting Chair

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Bulbo57 Pendant Light

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Light is often referred to as the first element of design – without it, there can be no colour, form, or texture. This season’s crop of delicate luminaires go a step further – introducing a sense of magic to modern interiors. Thanks to its barely-there suspension, the Bulbo57 appears to float like an ethereal crystal ball — beautiful in clusters or as a stand-alone piece.

Madre Table Lamp by Foscarini

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The Madre Table Lamp by Foscarini also riffs on the curious relationship between light and life. Inspired by the curvaceous forms of ancient fertility goddesses, it emits a soft gush of warm illumination. Look closely and you’ll notice that the upper half of the glass lamp plays home to a stylish vase, into which can be inserted elegant branches and fronds.

Spick and Span

Jack Shelving System

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Carnaby Sideboard

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Slowing down is never easy. However, it does provide us with a chance to take stock of what’s important and get organised for the future. Throughout this time, we’ve had many clients get in touch with our design team looking for tips and tricks on how to incorporate contemporary storage for a tidy and stylish home. While each case is different, our top tip is to stop thinking of storage as an act of hiding things away, but rather an investment in making space for the things you love most.

Naked Wardrobes

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At Chaplins, you’ll find a range of space-saving solutions, from statement floor-to-ceiling bookcases through to beautiful sideboards and wardrobes. Our team will listen attentively to your needs and come up with a custom plan to help you transform cluttered homes into a space that’s a joy to maintain.

Sleep Easy

Gyles Bed

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Plumes Bedside Table

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As a society, we’re only just waking up to the importance of a good night’s rest, with books like Why We Sleep outlining the importance of a regular sleep pattern. In our experience, environment is everything and cultivating a restful bedroom can have important gains for our health in the long term. A comfortable mattress and the right lighting all have key roles to play here, but we also recommend making space for some quiet reflection — be it a beautiful dressing area or a stylish writing desk for jotting down any errant thoughts before bed.

Day System Unit

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Fancy a closer look at some of our latest designs? Then book an appointment to visit the showroom via our online booking system. You can also get in touch using our handy Live Chat feature or shop digitally via the online store. 



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