Say Hello To Menu — The Danish Brand Shaking Up Scandinavian Style

There have been many moments in the history of design that have changed the way we live. The Bauhaus School of Arts opening in 1919 was one. The arrival of all things Hygge in 2017 was another. And yet, never before has a single brand managed to weave them together. At least, not until now.


Founded in 1978, Menu is on a mission to reimagine modernism, updating the idea of form follows function with the emotion and creativity that today’s design-lovers crave. The result is a timeless collection of furniture and lighting — nostalgic in its use of classic materials but highly futuristic in its shape and feel. Join us as we take a closer look.

Reclaiming The Past

Umanoff Pendant Light

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We often think of history as something that’s done and dusted. And yet if archaeology has taught us anything, it’s that the past is a puzzle we’re constantly piecing together. Part of Menu’s commitment to reimagining modernism in the present is to rediscover some of its practitioners that time forgot.

Knitting Lounge Chair

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Ib Kofod-Larsen

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It all began with Ib Kofod-Larsen one of the many legacy designers that left Denmark to engage with a broader, more international interpretation of modernism. While he might not have become an industry name in the same way as Hans Wegner or Arne Jacobsen, he left an indelible mark on the way contemporary homes were designed. The silhouettes he created were airy and modern, gaining a distinct richness from the quality of materials used. Teak, rosewood and leather abounded, infusing traditional Scandi minimalism with new texture and warmth.

Torso Table Lamp

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This design language is particularly evident in the Knitting Chair. Originally designed in 1951, its svelte frame features sculpted elbow cut-outs — a revolutionary addition that sought to do away with unflattering armrests. Striking in both appearance and concept, it would go on to become a major collector’s item throughout the 50s and 60s, re-emerging once more as part of the Menu collection in 2018. This year, it’s received another update in the form of cosy sheepskin upholstery — a rich new look for this much-loved classic.

Arthur Umanoff

Discover The Collection

Umanoff Side Table

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Sculptural silhouettes were also on the mind of Arthur Umanoff, an American modernist whose experiments with metal and wood would establish him as a closely-guarded secret among mid-century furniture collectors in New York.

Umanoff Planters

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A quick internet search reveals endless forums of curators eager to swap stories about the mysterious man and the organic design language he left behind. Sensing the need for a greater connection, Menu has released 5 exciting Umanoff designs as part of their 2020 collection — each of which speaks to the passions and hobbies of modern homeowners.

Writing The Present

Co Lounge Chair

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Afteroom Plus Bar Chair

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The legacy of mid-century styling continues in the contemporary collections —  albeit somewhat softer and more responsive. The lines are looser and the upholsteries plusher as designers like Norm Architects and Afteroom seek to find a balance between cosy modern living spaces and the refined restraint of the modernist movement.

Plinth Coffee Table

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Then there are the more experimental pieces; the Plinth and Androgyne Collections. Each offers an innovative look at precious stones — one as a magnificent marble monument, the other a subtle and soft side table. Taken together, one gets the sense that Menu is flexing their creative muscles — seeing where they can take a Scandi tradition that has for so long been about the search for the purest design possible.

Androgyne Lounge Table

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Houkime Rug

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Manifesting The Future

Tearoom Club Chair

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Not content with revolutionising what we buy, Menu has also been turning their attention to how. Enter The Audo — the design world’s first hotel, co-working and concept store. A space of discovery and collaboration, it has been configured as a macro response to the multi-faceted nature of modern life, a masterclass in how to create environments that are both relaxing and productive.

Snaregarde Dining Table

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Corbel Shelf

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Rather than being fixed to a particular era or set of ideals, modernism at Menu can be understood as a dialogue between past, present and future — a constant search for evocative ideas which can then be incorporated into rich, minimalist interiors. Available online or in-store at Chaplins, they are one of the most exciting Scandi brands on our radar, and one we’re delighted to welcome to our contemporary showroom.

Eaves Sofa

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