Serene Scandi Seating: 3 Ways (Plus Exclusive Jaime Hayon Promotion)

For Jaime Hayon, the impetus behind serene Scandi design is simple. “In the north, you spend more time indoors… your homes are more important to you.” It’s an interesting thought. To Hayon’s mind, design culture evolves out of necessity — the desire to create a beautiful indoor space for when the world outside feels dark or unfriendly.


It’s a philosophy that’s become increasingly tangible this year, as we each search for new ways to establish our home as a sanctuary for the ones we love most. To help out, we’ve teamed up with Fritz Hansen to offer three of Jaime Hayon’s best selling lounge chairs at a special promotion price. Sculpted yet serene, they are a place to sit and reflect — your own little corner of the universe in which to relax.

Fred JH97 Lounge Chair

Fred is, in many ways, the archetypal Scandi lounge chair — beautiful Danish carpentry, understated upholstery and a timeless expression to boot. However, it wouldn’t be a Hayon design without a playful flourish. The gently curving frame and generous arms are inspired by the broad wings and distinctive bill of a pelican — infusing personality and life into this stately design.

“Good design is primarily design that lasts. Design must have something to say. It must be able to improve our quality of life, and it must be meaningful. But for me, design is not just about function. It is also about feelings, and I like if it provokes a little and can challenge our way of life.”

Fri Easy Lounge Chair

Open yet soft, Fri is the halfway point between the Fred and the Ro. First released in 2015, it has made waves as a sculptural lounge chair for use in lounges, offices or hotels. Exceptionally comfortable yet visually sharp, it creates a space where you can feel relaxed and comfortable without feeling withdrawn from your surroundings.

The Danes have a very unique approach to furniture design. The Nordic understanding of nature and of using natural materials in furniture design is deeply rooted. You know how to bring nature inside because your furniture is made of natural materials such as wood, stone and leather.


Ro Lounge Chair

Danish design will never shout for your attention. Instead, it’ll win you over in whispers — using soft curves, beautiful upholstery and simple yet strong silhouettes. Ro is a beautiful example of this. Eye-catching without ever being ostentatious, its high back and curvy form invite you in to take a closer look. In doing so, you experience a thoughtful style of design that’s being made with the user in mind — visually slim but at the same time comfortable enough to relax for hours on end. Ideal for use in a wide range of interior contexts, it promises a lifetime of laidback living, made all the more appealing but its colourful upholstery.

Natural materials instinctively give a nice feeling, but it is also about the craftsmanship… furniture upholstered in a way so that it embraces you and makes you feel comfortable. The Danes are exceptionally skilled at this.”



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