Snug New Designs & Discounts From Vitra This Winter

There aren’t many tastemakers that end up with their own museum. A space in which to reflect on their best contributions. And all the milestones in between. In design, there is only one and they go by the name of Vitra. Born and bred in the sweet hills of Switzerland, it’s where all the best designers call home. From the sunny optimism of Charles & Ray Eames through to the clean lines of Konstantin Grcic, it’s where we go whenever we need to be reminded of the possibilities of modern living.


Regular readers will know that they rarely do sales which is why we’re delighted to be able to offer you some exclusive gifts and discounts on many of their cult styles this season.

Better Together

In a world intent on moving ever faster, there’s something deeply rebellious about cultivating a lovely little spot in which to just be. It’s why we love lounge chairs so much. In their singular, superlative snugness they ask you to find your own definition of comfort, slowing down just enough so that you can begin to untangle the knots of the day.


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Grand Repos

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We’ve sat in many designer lounge chairs over the years. But none has given us as much satisfaction as the Repos and Grand Repos collection by Vitra. Now available in a host of cosy new fabrics, you can also add on a free ottoman or panchina with any orders placed before the 31st January 2022. A little reminder to put your feet up this festive season.  

Ahead of His Time

Vico Magistretti once said that we need to learn to look at usual objects with unusual eyes. Only then, he believed, would we stumble on the true essence of creativity. It’s an idea that can actually be traced back decades earlier to when American architect, George Nelson, set himself the challenge of inviting fantasy into contemporary homes through a series of quirky looking clocks.


Quite a departure from your standard styles, they sought to enliven blank walls with unusual shapes and eye-catching materials, while ensuring the kind of high-quality quartz movements you’d find on your favourite timepiece. In doing so, Nelson went beyond just keeping track of time, transforming the minutiae of the everyday into a striking objet d’art. 

Diamond Clock

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George Nelson Clocks


This season, Vitra have welcomed another Nelson clock into the fold. Known as the Diamond, it’s gem-shaped hour markers are arranged around a rotating disk. At just over 30cm in diameter, it has a Willy Wonka kind of magic to it. A playful little design that promises to surprise and delight this season.

The Evolution of Eames

Can a chair exist as a record of love? If it was made by  Charles & Ray Eames, then the answer is yes. As one of the more rebellious husband and wife duos, they didn’t believe in unnecessary ornamentation. Or even in adhering to a particular stylistic creed. Rather, they preferred to chart their own course in the design world, bringing forth hardworking, quality styles that have proven to last forever. 


Charles & Ray Eames


Some of their most celebrated heirlooms include the Eames Plastic Collection. Vivacious little styles that in one propylene swoop, breathe colour and comfort into contemporary living spaces. You can imagine our excitement, then to be offering a free seat upholstery upgrade across the line. A chance to sit a little longer with those you love most. Just as Charles & Ray would have wanted.

Compact Yet Cosy

Jasper Morrison doesn’t release designs often. So when he does, you know he has something special to say. True to form, the HAL Lounge Chair does a lot with a little, boasting superb ergonomics without taking up too much valuable floor space. Suitable for homes of all sizes, it’s builds on the success of its predecessors, serving up clean lines and cosy little adjustable neck rests.


Jasper Morrison


HAL Lounge Chair

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When Charles and Ray Eames first designed their eponymous LOUNGE CHAIR in 1956, they had a clear idea of how the seat should feel: warm and soft, “like a well-used baseball glove”. This sense of softness was key to its success — underwriting the stylish silhouette with a cosy appeal.


Increasingly mindful of today’s contexts, VITRA launched an investigation to see whether they could create the supremely soft leather in a more a sustainable fashion. They headed down to Crete, where olive trees braid the jagged coastline in neat cornrows.

Eames DKR-2 Wire Chair

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Olive-Tanned Leather


The answer lay with a vegetable-based syrup, extracted from the leaves of olive trees. Gentle on the skin and pleasantly aromatic, olive leaf extract has long been used as a tanning agent by communities in the Mediterranean. It’s use in leather furniture ensures a product that is 100% organic and biodegradable, while capturing several tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions that would have been produced through burning the leaves (considered a waste product of the traditional olive harvest).

Today, it’s available as free upgrade on the Eames DKR Wire Chairs — gorgeous little numbers that were among the first examples of what we now know as industrial style.


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