Tracing Trajectories: A Closer Look At Flos Lighting

In many ways, FLOS’ philosophy can be understood as the pursuit of simplicity, of learning how to say a lot with a little. And just as poetry expresses what prose cannot, so too their clever fusion of clean lines and delicate orbs works to create a collection of designer lighting that transcends time or trends. With the arrival of their new Coordinates collection online at Chaplins, we thought we’d take a look over some of their most classic designs to date, tracing the trajectory of Italian lighting.

Tab by Edward & Jay Osgerby

New Colours for 2020

Go Green

Simplicity may be the ultimate sophistication but it can also be deceiving. When British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby first sat down to design Tab, the sketch took less than five minutes. However, the specificities of the folded metal shade and carefully concealed bulb would take another four years of painstaking development. The result was a classic collection of luminaires — understated in both form and function, but a true joy to use. 13 years after it’s launch, Flos has announced the introduction of two new colourways — an earthy Forest green and a steely modern blue.

Tab Floor Lamp

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Aim by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

As Nature Intended

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Ask any contemporary designer what they think of cables and cords and they’ll probably describe them as a nuisance. Then again, the Bouroullec brothers aren’t just any designers. Spotting an opportunity to incorporate the humble wire as part of an eco-system of lights, they began to study the appearance of climbing plants and vines. Featuring organic bulbs and graphic lines, the Aim collection has evolved into an architectural feature in its own right, easy to adjust and drape from room to room.

Aim Suspension Light

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Arco by Achille & Pier Castiglioni

Illuminate Hard To Reach Spots

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Arco is the oldest and most coveted item on our shortlist. Immediately recognisable by its dramatic stem, it sought to bring illumination to hard-to-reach spots without having to drill holes in the wall or ceiling. After much deliberation, designers Achille & Pier Castiglioni settled on the idea of a counterweight — using a heavy marble base to balance the arched stem.

Arco Floor Lamp

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Glo-Ball by Jasper Morrison

Get Your Glow On

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New Colours

Black Is Back

When Jasper Morrison first announced his “super-normal” design philosophy in 2006, there were hushed whispers that the British design hero was on his way out.  Today, it’s a philosophy that’s as stylish as it was prescient. The rejection of superfluous decoration and a commitment to creating only what is absolutely necessary is perfectly encapsulated by the Glo-Ball collection. A slender, pared-back frame gives way to an acid-etched opaline bulb — emitting a calming, dimmable gush of light.

Glo Mini Table Lamp

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IC Collection by Michael Anastassiades

IC S1 Pendant Light

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Double Trouble

IC Double CW/1 Wall Light

2013 would see the arrival of a soon-to-be industry superstar at Flos. Born in Cyprus but based in London, Michael Anastassiades‘ ethereal take on mobile chandeliers would give new meaning to the idea of lighting as the jewellery of the home. One of his most successful collections to date is undoubtedly the IC series. Available as a table, floor or pendant light, the delicate series encapsulates the dexterity and wonder of the juggler, featuring a blown opaline bulb perched in astonishing positions on a stylish metal frame. The big news this year is the launch of the burgundy colourway, as well as the extra glamourous IC Double and outdoor versions of the sculptural floor and wall variants.

IC Outdoor Floor Lamp

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Coordinates by Michael Anastassiades

Coordinates Floor Lamp

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New Destinations

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While design insiders got their first look at Milan Design Week 2019, we’re delighted to announce that the Coordinates is finally available for purchase. Available in a wide range of breathtaking configurations, it adds wonder and complexity to contemporary interiors. When asked to describe to his ongoing design ethos at the end of the last year, Anastassiades explained that his vision is really “to try to serve the notion of timelessness. I don’t believe we should make objects just for the sake of it. If you have nothing different to say, and if you are just referencing something from the past, there is no point…”. If you want to read more about the man behind the designs, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Michael Anastassiades, here.


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