Happy Birthday Hans! Limited Edition CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans Wenger

Of all the limited edition CH24 Wishbone Chairs, this is the one we wish would stay forever. Available to purchase only on the 2nd April 2019, this never-before-seen version pairs a rich walnut frame with a vibrant leather seat to celebrate what would have been Hans J. Wegner‘s 105th birthday.

It’s the kind of chair that fits well in a variety of interior contexts, whether as a visual anchor for light, airy lofts or as a bold addition to wider Canaletta walnut schemes (Porada is a great match here). The oiled frame emphasises the deep, natural contrasts inherent to walnut furniture, and is a welcome reminder to bring the outdoors in. The seat is equally striking — a rich, seasonless red that’s vibrant enough for spring yet with earthy undertones that will feel comforting come winter.

beautiful Scandinavian dining chair with red leather seat

beautiful Scandinavian dining chair with red leather seat

Herein lies the magic of Carl Hansen & Son. Clients with an eye for Scandi design will find in them beautiful, enduring style that stands the test of time, a result of their meticulous production process. Each Wishbone Chair takes 3 weeks to make and is the result of 100 intricate steps, from chiselling and carving through to the wrapping of 400ft of paper cord to create the perfect seat.

Time-honoured techniques in today’s context are a rare thing and one of the reasons that Carl Hansen & Son are a necessary antidote to today’s endless cycle of fast fashion and throwaway consumer culture. Each of the limited edition CH24 Wishbone is made to order and comes with a badge of authenticity to mark this moment in design history.

carl hansen and son authenticity badge

Scandinavian design is characterised by the need to break down artificial walls while finding the purest design language possible. The CH24 Wishbone Chair in red leather does so marvellously while celebrating the legacy of one of Denmark’s finest designers. Available online at Chaplins on the 2nd April 2019.


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