Your First Look At MDF Italia’s New Outdoor Collection + Special Offer

There have been many attempts over the last decade to help heal our relationship with nature. From the cultivation of indoor plants to the rise of biophilic design, stylists have gone to great lengths to help “bring the outdoors in”. But as even the most green-thumbed of gardeners will admit, plants can be difficult to maintain indoors and nothing beats the smell of freshly cut grass on the evening breeze. In fact, wouldn’t it all be so much simpler if we could find a way to bring the indoors out?


Enter MDF Italia’s new 2020 collection. A mix of weather-hardy icons and sculptural newbies, they are the hybrid designs we have been waiting for. Join us as we take a closer look.

Sculpture Park

The Rock’s statement aesthetic reveals the latest trend in alfresco styling — using sculptural furniture to transform gardens into open-air galleries. Perched atop a pedestal base is a razor-thin terrazzo top, the mix of volumes and textures working together to create an intriguing outdoor focal point.

Rock Outdoor Dining Table

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Finding The Balance

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Personal Ties

Natural textures abound in the Neil Twist Armchair — whose telling name reveals its central appeal — the manually braided rope seat and back. Ideal for use indoors or out it, its tactile appearance seeks to deliver the sensation that the user is being embraced by Mother Nature herself. At home in everything from bohemian dining rooms or boutique cafes, it’s an all-round Made In Italy gem.

Twist Armchair

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Finely Strung

Comprising an outdoor sofa, armchair and low table, the stylish Arpa series finds inspiration in the meticulous construction of one of the world’s most beautiful instruments: the harp. This isn’t immediately evident at first glance. Indeed, the sofa and armchair have a rather pared-back appeal — all snug cushions and Bauhaus-esque frame. Take a look at the rear, however, and you’ll notice a finely woven string back that helps lend a special lightness and elegance — almost as if the cushions were suspended in open space.

Arpa Sofa

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Attention to Detail

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An Icon Reborn

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Flow Filo collection, Jean Marie Massaud has re-released his coveted chair in new sizes and finishes. Continuing in the visual tradition of the great Harry Bertoia, each filament is carefully welded together to create a sculptural cradle suitable for use indoors or out.

Flow Filo Chair

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Down To The Wire

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Industrial Revolution

A minimalist classic, the Tense Outdoor Dining Table was conceived through the search for a durable design that could be easily inserted into a variety of outdoor scenarios. Crafted entirely from aluminium sheet, it allows guests to get together comfortably and dynamically in villas, parks and restaurants.

Tense Outdoor Dining Table

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For a limited time only, you can now shop all the MDF novelties with 20% off at Chaplins. So what are you waiting for? Start cultivating your Eden, today.


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