5 Tips For A Luxurious Living Room

Over the years, we’ve learned that luxury looks different for everyone. That said, we’ve found there are a couple of tips that can be applied to every interior to help create a truly spectacular space. With hosting season in full swing, we thought we’d share 5 of our favourites that will help transform any lounge into a luxurious haven.

Light Conversations

Statement designer lighting is one of the easiest ways to add interest and drama to a room. Whether it’s through a delicate pendant or an ornate overhead chandelier, it’s one of our favourite ways to create a luxurious focal point. Try positioning a cluster of contemporary pendants over your coffee tables and see how many conversations it starts. Some of our favourite brands for statement styles include Lasvit, Flos and Foscarini.

La Scala Pendant Light

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28 Pendant Light

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Sweeping Silhouettes

One easy way to create an inviting luxurious lounge is to welcome sweeping curved furniture into the room. These make for a particularly welcome addition to homes that are architecturally industrial or minimalist in style. Currently top of the style stakes are svelte, sweeping sofas that evoke a sense of vintage glamour. Gubi and Gallotti & Radice are your go-to here, with the Revers and Audrey sofas a particular delight.

On The Rocks Sofa

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Belair Lounge Chair

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New Heights

In most contemporary living rooms, the coffee table acts as visual anchor, a design around which to gather. Consider playing with heights, opting for a coffee table with several tiers or a couple of designer nesting tables. The change in level adds dimension and prevents your home from looking too flat or one-dimensional. Some of our favourites include the Billy Keramik and Ishino Low Tables.

Tetris Coffee Table

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Benny Keramik

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Broken Plan

Open plan living has many advantages. However, there often comes a time when you need to carve out zones of privacy within that space. One of our favourite tricks is to take a modern bookcase or shelving system and use it to partition a room, in effect doubling the number of luxury ambients available. This year, we’ve noticed clients riffing on the idea of Crittal-style windows, using minimal black bookcases to frame a space.

Lexington Bookcase

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Lloyd Storage Unit

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A Soft Touch

The final key to creating a luxurious yet welcoming living room is to indulge the senses with tactile finishes that invite a curious caress. Be that through a velvet pouf or wool rug, these final flourishes will ensure a home that’s striking on the eye and soft to the touch.

Lou Pouf

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Botanica Kiri Rug

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