Exterior Design Service


Extending your residential panorama is easy.
All it takes is the right professionals. And some striking all-weather designs.


Exterior Design Service

Extending your residential panorama is easy. All it takes is the right professionals. And a handful of all-weather designs.

Interior Design Service

We believe that every home has a story to tell. And have a range of in-house services to help you write yours.


Every aesthete needs an Eden. A space in which to soften into the rhythms of nature. And experience all that is lush, green and living.

It’s why we’ve partnered with Pen & Barrow — landscaping design specialists that can help bring any al fresco space to life.

"When we talk about transforming our experience of home, few clients immediately think of the garden. They might ponder knocking down a wall. Or even popping in a skylight. But rarely do we consider how we can spend more of our day outside."

"It's strange because our gardens represent some of the last wild places that we can truly make our own.

Unbound by the limits of architecture, they are free to grow and evolve as we do — adding value in ways that aren't always quantifiable.

And so whether you want to create a space to receive friends. Take back your plot’s privacy. Or simply restore the balance of greenery, we’re experts in creating a garden that works for you."

— David Goodman, Founder of Pen & Barrow

Suitable for projects of all persuasions.

Discover all the ways we can help reimagine your outdoor space, below...


Every project begins with a site visit. Once we’ve understood how you plan to use your space, we’ll develop 3D models that allow you to immerse yourself in your new garden from every vantage point. 


Finding the right flora and fauna for your garden is key. Build on existing beds or redraw the lines with a bold new planting plan, expertly devised to require only the amount of time you can dedicate to it.

Furniture & Lighting

A little al fresco furnishing can go a long way. Invite drama into borders, trees and living areas with ethereal spot or directional lighting. And discover designs that let you live outdoors all year long.


Carefully planned horizontal spaces can transform your garden and the way you experience it. Discover beautiful brickwork, perfect patios, and a wide range of other applications that help open up your al fresco space.


Vertical elements are what allow us to create zones for all the different outdoor activities. And whether you favour planters, walls, fencing or edging details, we've a variety of Corten steel, concrete or wood options to choose from.


No garden can flourish without water and it's the same with Pen & Barrow's selection of aquatic features. Invest in fountains, rills or ponds that offer protection against noise pollution while creating sensorial focal points.

A truly personal service.

Everything you need to know about our garden design & landscaping services.

Where do we begin?

Put simply? By asking the right questions. Some spaces will need nothing more than a new garden plan and fresh furniture to reach their full potential. Others might require a larger transformation.

By chatting through your plans over the phone or on Zoom, we’ll identify the best services and options for your budget, inching you one step closer to your dream al fresco space.

What are the next steps?

For projects in which a more thorough transformation is required, Pen & Barrow will arrange to visit your home and survey the grounds. Once they've understood fully how you plan to use the space, they'll get to work on a 3D model, re-imagining your landscape with a mix of ideas that promise to surprise and delight.

The team at Chaplins will then follow up with a bespoke brief to dress your space with any furniture or lighting that may be required.

Following the development of the concept to a point where you are ready to sign off, a fully costed schedule of works is presented with the option to go ahead with the implemenation on your own terms and timeline.

Are there any costs involved?

Every project is personally overseen by David Goodman himself. It includes site visits, 3D modelling, and a truly bespoke plan for your garden area. Prices tend to start from £800 and once complete will become your very own bible for outdoor living.

Ready to go al fresco?

Fill out the form below to get chatting with one of our experts. Don't forget to include as many details as possible so we can start planning your space from the offset.

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