5 Ways To Style Design's Most Audacious Sofa

5 Ways To Style Design's Most Audacious Sofa

It’s a rule breaker. A renegade. A piece of furniture that’s incomparable to its classically designed cousins. Sure, it has the seat, the back, and the alluring promise of comfort that underpin most sofas, but that’s where the parallels end. Edra’s On The Rocks by Francesco Binfaré kicks things up a notch. Thought you knew modern seating design? Better think again.

Living with the sofa is brilliantly summed up by architect Nick Tobias. ‘It’s like a piece of sculpture,’ he says. ‘You can turn it into a playpen for the kids, make it like a formal sofa, or push it into the corner and turn it into a huge banquette. And the fabric is so delicious. It’s really kind of wild.’

Both an aesthetic statement and an innovative piece of design, On The Rocks lives up to its stony name, echoing a collection of angular boulders slotted together, united by a meandering, organically-shaped backrest. Its customisable modularity means that thousands of combinations can be created with its four distinctive geometric modules.

So how to work On The Rocks into the home? While instinct may take one look at it and scream ‘modern spaces only!’, dare to disagree. Beautifully versatile, the sofa slots into to a wider range of rooms than you may expect. Let’s investigate.

Industrial Edge

On The Rocks Sofa

On The Rocks Sofa

A contemporary loft filled with iconic industrial traits such as exposed ceilings, raw bricks, concrete floors and metal accents feels like a natural home for such a modern piece. On The Rocks’ sharp angles and rugged shape harmonise with the roughness of the practical materials, while adding some much-needed physical softness to the aesthetic while disguising it behind (apparently) hard shapes.

In this industrial space, the adaptable sofa is used to break up the expansive open plan area by creating floating seating islands in the middle of the room. This forms useful zones while making the most of the design’s back rest which can be freely positioned, so seats can be accessed from all sides.

Country Cool

On The Rocks Sofa

Architect Nick Tobias | Vogue Living | Photo credit: Anson Smart

Hyper modern and boundary-pushing it may be, yet On The Rocks slides comfortably into the, thick walled, beam covered cosiness of a country cottage thanks to its paired back style and its subtle link to nature. In such a traditional space which relies upon humble, natural materials, the sofa juxtaposes the modest architecture and interiors, making a bold, stand-out statement as well as chiming with the nature-based building materials and overall sense of simplicity.

In this rural home, the design is expertly deployed as a room divider, forging both a chic entryway was well as creating a separate sheltered space to relax and recline.


On The Rocks Sofa

On The Rocks Sofa

When there’s a high ceilinged, expansive area to fill, a large sofa can often lend a helping hand. There’s one golden rule to follow – place it in the centre of the room rather than near to the walls, to create a standalone relaxation nook and tone down the inherently imposing nature of the room. On The Rocks’ modularity means you can build the exact formation needed to fill spaces of any size of shape – try incorporating a right-angled edge to create a clearly defined area dedicated to lounging.

In this vast home, even a supersized On The Rocks feels diminutive. Two backrests meet in the middle of a 90-degree corner, each module oversized yet tune with the room’s proportions.

Compact Living

On The Rocks Sofa

On The Rocks Sofa | Vermelha Armchair 

Just as it works oversized and dominant, On The Rocks also fits into more petite places. For a city-sized, more compact home as few as two modules can be combined to create swoon-worthy seat which forms a modern design statement as well as accentuating the size and impact of the back rest. With a minimal lower cushioned section, the back rest becomes the focus, its smooth shape stretching out into a soft sculpture.

In this small-yet-soothing snug, the sofa creates a rocky centrepiece in the middle of the space, acting as both somewhere intimate to sit as well as an art-like feature.

Classical Chic

On The Rocks Sofa | Platner Lounge Chairs

On The Rocks Sofa | Cicladi Tables | Scrigno Sideboard

Super modern sofa meets classical, period property? When it’s an On The Rocks, there is no rule book. Its simple silhouette adds a subtle sense of modernity to historic spaces, the pared back design meaning it won’t clash with traditional decorative detailing, and will highlight the delicacy of surrounding patterns, objects and features.

In this opulent living room, the tonal On The Rocks upholstery coordinates with the carpet as well as the other neutral tones in the space, helping its statement shape to blend in with the opposing style of its surroundings.

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