AW21 Lighting Report

Zaha Hadid once said that without light there is no space, a poignant statement that we only fully understand come winter. It’s in search of similar illumination that we’ve put together a dossier of the very best lighting styles. The kind that shine for you, not on you. And make coming home the most sumptuous ritual of all. 

The New Luxe


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Of all of design’s little luxuries, the chandelier is perhaps the most flamboyant. A glamorous spectacle of light designed to see and be seen. And yet in 2021, designers are rethinking its iconic form. Peeling back the layers of ostentation to arrive at something more truthful.  


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One case in point comes from Danish design studio, Space Copenhagen. In collaboration with Gubi, they’ve brought forth the Howard Chandelier — a spellbinding light that is as minimal as it is grand. For anyone with a penchant for industrial design, it’s a real find. The kind of style that promises to works hard for your affection, developing a beautiful patina over time. 

Full Circle

Under The Bell

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Pomposity isn’t the only virtue under the microscope this season. Today’s designers have also been reevaluating their methods of making. The quarter began with an announcement that Italian lighting brand, Flos, are now officially carbon neutral. The achievement is largely due to investments in renewable energy for their factories, but can also be attributed to the decision to make sure that any new releases can be fully recycled after their lifetime. 


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Sustainable sensibilities can also be found at smaller ateliers like Brokis. Novelties like the Geometric Table Lamp gain their ethereal appearance from BrokisGlass — an upcycled material that reutilises shards of glass from the factory floor. Taken together, they represent a commitment to closing the circle of production, once again cementing design’s role as a protagonist in the fight for a sustainable future. 

Mathematically Perfect


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If politics can sometimes feel perplexing, then you wouldn’t have wanted to spend much time with Raimond Puts. As an outspoken professor-cum-designer, he spent most of his time thinking about prime numbers — the mystery of such digits and their many aesthetic possibilities.



It’s an obsession that’s led this year to the new and expanded Raimond Collection — a series of glowing geodesic domes that bring the wonder of a starry night home. When we dug a little deeper, we were surprised to find that Puts wasn’t alone in his metaphysical musings. Meticulous precision can also be found in Louis Poulsen’s Patera pendant: a luminous style with diamond-shaped cells that deliver a rich, atmospheric glow.

Nomadic by Nature


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Pantop Portable

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Untethered from unsightly cables and wires, these nomadic little creations ask you to get outside and explore. Some of them, like the Pantop Table Lamp, you will undoubtedly recognise — an iconic Verner Panton style set loose. 

Sfera Portable

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Others like the Sfera collection are entirely new. Its brutalist base houses both a charging module and touch sensitive dimmer, ensuring that you’ll never be left in the dark this season. 

Heart of Stone

Spacey Table Lamp

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We are creatures of five senses. And as design lovers, we only really thrive when all of them are in play. It’s why whenever we’re designing a room, we encourage our clients not only to consider how it looks, but how each of the styles make them feel. In keeping for this desire for tactility are a series of rich and inviting stones, used for the very first time in contemporary lighting. 


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When paired with the soft sweep of a linen shade, they serve as a cool anchor. A heart of stone for the soft halo of light that follows. They also inject a necessary dose of glamour into everyday lighting — an art form long dominated by the use of glass or steel.

Light You Can Shape

Parentesi 50

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Plié Plissé

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One of the most generous gifts a designer can bestow isn’t to do with its style or finish — although all these details are important. Rather, it’s to let us into the act of creation, deciding exactly when, where and how much light is needed. This season, we were delighted to stumble across a selection of luminaires that did just that. In the new Plié Plissé Lamp, it’s pleated shade can be folded inwards or out. A simple gesture that allows it to provide both ambient and directional light.

Aqua Creations

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Aqua Creations, meanwhile, take customisation a little further, with a stackable series of silk lanterns that can be personalised down to the very last detail. Known as the Code 130 collection, they promise to give you one more reason to look up and smile.


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