10 Rugs To Love On National Textile Day

10 Rugs To Love On National Textile Day

Interior design often has the uncanny ability to reveal the needs of our time. And if Pinterest’s Macrame trend or velvet sofas tell us anything, it’s that in the digital age, we are crying out for real-world textures. This National Textile Day, we’re shining a light on 10 designer rugs that bring tactility to the fore, and in doing so change the way we experience our homes.

Oceania Collection by Carl Hansen & Son

Naja Utzon Popov’s collaboration with Carl Hansen & Son zooms into the minutia of the natural world, translating its mysteries into silky, sustainable rugs. The Oceania Collection is inspired by the cryptic life of the coral reef, ushering us toward the open sea with soft materials and subdued colour palettes. Throughout the series, the seabed’s fissures and cracks become geometric compositions, compelling yet somehow strangely familiar. Hand-tufted from wool and sustainably sourced beech fibres, each contemporary rug is a reminder to look more deeply at your surroundings, finding the beauty that’s all around.

Jali Rug by Paola Lenti

The need for texture and softness in our homes is part of a wider, more conscientious approach to modern living. Exhausted by the wasteful cycles of mass production we choose instead to surround ourselves with unique pieces, in which the essence of the designer lives on. Suitable for use indoors or out, Paola Lenti rugs feature some of the most detailed work we’ve ever seen. Launched last year at Milan Design Week, the Jali Rug is handwoven using 12-thread yarns, uniting hues from across the spectrum into a liveable work of art. It’s then finished with Punto Zigzag stitching and fringing for a layered, sensory effect.

Canevas Geo by GAN

It’s with this in mind that designers are rediscovering traditional techniques and finding ways to incorporate them into modern designs. Using the same cross stitch technique she had enjoyed as a child, Charlotte Lancelot‘s Canevas Geo Rug explores the potential of coloured wool threads superimposed on a stunning felt backdrop. The result is a collection of designer rugs with a deep dimensionality whose curious patterns invite a loving caress.

 3D Lush Collection by Carpet Sign

It would be a mistake, however, to imagine that in harnessing traditional methods the textile industry is without innovation. Robotics are an essential part of all modern companies, and the Dutch brand, Carpet Sign, is no exception. Two years ago, they approached legendary designer, Karim Rashid, about the possibility of creating a 3D rug collection that would challenge ideas of how soft furnishings should look. The result was a flamboyant collection of 3D rugs, developed using a state-of-the-art tufting robot capable of coalescing cutpile and looppile techniques. Each of the twelve rugs features a gorgeous mini landscape, embedded with ripples, bumps and curves, proclaiming nothing short of a textile revolution.

Bow Beijing Rug by Moooi Carpets

String beads and binding ribbons provided ample inspiration for the new Bow Beijing Rug. Made possible by a state-of-the-art Chromojet printer, designer Claire Vos manages to create an intriguing illusion of depth thanks to her use of pattern and tone.

Ettore Rug by Toulemonde Bochart

Slightly more traditional linework can be found in Toulemonde Bochart‘s 2019 collection. Featuring Memphis style geometrics, the Ettore Rug‘s woollen surface is enlivened by luminous tones and abstract lines in a stylish homage to Ettore Sottsass.

Billie Rug by Poltrona Frau

Icons are also remembered at Poltrona Frau in the form of the new Billie rug. Named after the legendary Jazz singer, it was first designed by Max Huber in 1936 but never produced. Simple yet striking, it aptly summarises his aesthetic as a graphic designer with references to constructivist design. Made entirely on wooden looms using the Tibetan knot technique, it has a velvety, glossy appearance with different colour effects depending on the perspective. To keep the corners rigid, two strips of fabric are sewn onto the back of the rug and embroidered with Max Huber’s signature.

Walking on Clouds Rugs by Moooi Carpets

For all-female collective Front, the sky is the limit. Their latest project with Moooi Carpets is the result of hours spent poring over the representation of clouds in classic and contemporary art. The Walking on Clouds Rug transforms the very best into a multi-media cloudscape of epic proportions. Design lovers can choose from two versions, dawn or dusk each of which reveals dappled light patterns particular to the time of day. The perfect blend of past and present, Walking on Clouds reveals the fascination with one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena and is a daily prompt to seek out the extraordinary.

Garden Layers Rugs by GAN

In 2019, the exciting news is that softness is no longer confined to interiors. Patricia Urquiola’s Garden Layers Collection creates a set of hardy rugs that can be used to create cosy outdoor spaces. With familiar checks and tartan prints, these versatile offerings promise to make sure you get the most out of your garden this season.

Twist by B&B Italia

Never one to be left behind, B&B Italia has also been busy developing a range of luxurious outdoor rugs. Ideal for use underneath one of their dining sets, Twist is characterised by its braided structure and soft earth hues.


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