10 Styles That Eschew The Idea of Form Follows Function

10 Styles That Eschew The Idea of Form Follows Function

The question of whether form should follow function has plagued designers for the best part of a century. And while there is still much beauty to be found in this aesthetic code, some of the most exciting designs to arrive in our showroom are those that do precisely the opposite. All adventurous silhouettes and avant-guard concepts, these statement styles can be used to invite creativity into the even the most conventional of homes. Check out our favourites, here.

Jaime Hayon | Discover

Explorer Coffee Table

Seeing is believing when it comes to Jaime Hayon and his fantastical furnishings. Hidden within each is a softly spoken desire: to rethink everyday objects with originality and flair. It’s within this indulgent universe that the Explorer Coffee Table was born. A colourful, curvy design that takes its stylistic cues from the humble jelly bean.

Taliesin Armchair | Discover de Sede

Frank Lloyd-Wright | Discover

It’s often said that old habits die hard. It’s an expression that explains why when one of America’s greatest architects decided to design the perfect chair, he approached it as he would a building. The result was a sketch so technically challenging, many thought it impossible. The answer to the construction of the dramatic Taliesin chair was eventually found in the Japanese art of Origami. To this day, each and every chair is lovingly made to order from a single sheet of solid wood.

Mario Bellini | Discover

Chiara Lamp

With Chiara, Mario Bellini didn’t wish to design a lamp. Rather, he sought to design an object that would exist in the world in the same ephemeral manner as light itself. A flat-packable floor lamp soon followed, cloaked in an elegant uniform of stainless steel. It’s raison d’être is both to provide and reflect light, at once a handy luminaire and other-worldly mirror.

On The Rocks Sofa

Frank Lloyd-Wright | Discover

On The Rocks is a sculpture made soft. There are no stiff structures, no rigid armrests. In abandoning traditional notions of form, Binfaré opens up new modes of connection and lounging.


Marcel Wanders

Scale? What scale? Under the creative auspices of Marcel Wanders, the delicate hand mirror goes life size, promising to imbue blank walls with wit and whimsy. Admirers can shop online or make an appointment to see it in-store.

Marc Krusin

Clay Dining Table

One of our favourite ways to subvert expectations in the dining room is with a daring balancing act. Dining tables are expected to be heavy visual anchors — so when you introduce an element of weightlessness, they promise to become exciting focal points. It’s exactly what happens with Clay, Marc Krusin‘s award-winning design for Desalto.


Ubald Klug

The DS-1025 Sofa is perhaps the most unusual item on this shortlist. Striking from all angles, its tubular terraced planes flow outwards like the winding farmlands of the Ancient Incas. Supremely soft and buildable, each of the modules can be joined together to create both shared and individual experiences of contemporary lounging.

Verner Panton


No designer loved the idea of cantilever as much as Verner Panton. One of the great lights of Nordic design, his System 123 chair pushed the form to its absolute limit, masterfully enabling a sense of movement even when one is sat down.

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