7 Ways To Transform Your Spare Room

7 Ways To Transform Your Spare Room

So the kids have flown the coop and you’re left with three very spare looking rooms.  Or perhaps you’ve up-sized and while the master bedroom looks gorgeous, the room next to the bathroom strikes somewhat of a flat note. Of course you could succumb to the tedium of cultivating a carefully neutral guest room, but why not seize the opportunity to create an utterly original living space for you and your loved ones to enjoy?  To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of 7 exciting spare room suggestions that will give your home a new lease of life.

1) Zen/Meditation Room

Paola Lenti Shito - Resized

In a world intent on moving ever faster, it’s important that we regularly take time to slow down. While we’re only just scratching the surface when it comes to wellness, cultivating a Zen sanctuary that exists apart from the bustle of the lounge or kitchen can be an excellent reminder to indulge in some much needed “me-time”.

Paola Lenti’s colourful collection of  poufs and armchairs is a perfect partner for creating a tactile, serene environment. Her hand-crocheted rugs are woven from a high performing yarn to imbue your spare room with a luxurious softness designed to last a lifetime. Prop up your candles or incense on a stylish modern side table and indulge in a spot of Yoga, observing how the rigours of the day fade away. This room should provide nourishment to the mind, soul and body so prop a small bookcase in one corner of the room and invite your partner to give you a massage on Carl Hansens OW150 Day Bed. Whether you use your spare room as a spa, meditation centre or reading room, the options and rewards are truly endless if you open your mind to its latent possibility.

2) Cigar and Cinema Room

1919 Armchair - Poltrona Frau

If meditation isn’t your thing, consider creating your very own after hours cinema and cigar club. The key focus here will be rich dark wood flooring and moody atmospheric lighting to create the perfect backdrop to your classic films. Not sure where to begin? Arne Jacobsen’s AJ Floor Lamp oozes 20th century charm when paired with the Chester Sofa or 1919 Armchair from Poltrona Frau. Plus, the cut out circular base is perfect for accommodating an ashtray.  Keep your modern drinks cabinet stocked with Maxalto’s stylish Alcor Storage Unit and the vintage tunes playing on OMEGA’s Bluetooth Turntable.

Your private speakeasy is also the perfect place to organise a late night poker tournament. Opt for a round or oval table to accommodate the poker set, we recommend Gubi’s 2.0 Round Dining Table or Knoll’s Saarinen Tulip Oval Round Table, but try not to go too Godfather with the decor. Gubi’s Velvet Beetle Chairs in their array of upholstery options will provide a velvety luxe to soften the overtly masculine interior.

3) Games Room

RS Barcelona You and Me Table - Resized

Great for entertaining guests of all ages, a contemporary Games Room is a firm favourite when it comes to renovating a spare room. RS Barcelona is a playful Spanish designer who want to help people live passionately and laugh more through the creative act of play. Unlike many other market equivalents, their much coveted games tables double up as a stylish modern desk or contemporary dining table when they’re not being used. Usher in a new era of flexible gaming with the Folding Table Tennis Tennis or battle it out on Reflex Angelo’s Murano Glass Scacchi Chess Table.

4) Artists’ Atelier

Artists’ Atelier feat Vitra Furniture

Leonardo Da Vinci once said “an artists’s studio should be a small space because small rooms discipline the mind and large ones distract it”. Transforming your spare room into a creative studio can be an immensely rewarding endeavour no matter what your passion. Even if you desire to paint or sculpt for the first time, it’s never to late to try your hand at something new. Vitra’s Eames Desk Unit makes a fitting choice for the aspiring artist.

While natural lighting is advantageous, hanging contemporary mirrors and/or carefully selected task lighting can ensure success no matter the light exposure. Opt for easy to clean furniture, Bontempi Casa’s Shark Swivel Barstool or any of Vitra’s Plastic seating range, and allow your imagination to run wild. Keep everything organised with Cattelan Italia’s Giotto Bookcase or, for something smaller, the Uten-Silo Wall Unit by Vitra.

5) Entertainment Extravaganza

Spectral Ameno Fire - Resized

Forget turning water into wine, German designer Spectral’s launch of Smart Flame transforms your home entertainment system into a fire breathing tech dragon. Top up the tube with water and watch as the liquid is atomized into a fine fog, lit up by LED lamps to reveal a strikingly lifelike, 3D imitation flame that flickers and crackles. The Virtual Fire is part of the Ameno range which features SmartCharge for all your devices, simply lay your phone down on top of the relevant panel and watch it refuel at top speed. Throw in their hi-fidelity surround sound experience and Antonio Citterio’s Mart Relax Lounge Chair and you have the perfect wireless entertainment set-up for your spare room.

6) Beauty Room

Molteni Gliss Master Wardrobe - Chaplins Resized

Realise your dream of a walk in wardrobe in spectacular fashion by cultivating a beauty room for you and your partner. Ideal for those who spare room lies adjacent to the bedroom, this gorgeous transformation makes getting ready that little bit more glamorous. The Gliss Master Wardrobe by Molteni feeds into the current vogue for gorgeously planned storage that showcases rather than hides your valuables. With purpose built shelving systems, drawers and tie racks, this wonderfully organised wardrobe dares to make art out of the everyday. For the all-out-glamour pusses, finish things off with Porada’s Bellavista Wall Mirror and the Yannick Valet Stand by Cattelan Italia.

7) Play Room

Kids Room

For such little people, children come with a lot of baggage. One way of containing the mess rather is to transform your spare room into a creative little play area that reflects their individual personalities. Decorating for a child can be immensely enjoyable because you’re not bound by the usual rules regarding colour and form. Concentrate on developing a space that is visually stimulating and easy to keep in clean. Swiss brand Vitra produce a fantastic range of children’s toys and seating options that will keep the little ones engaged for hours on end. Similarly, Magis’ Bunky Children’s Bed is there when it’s time to wind down.

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