A Look Inside Ligne Roset’s L’Appartement

A Look Inside Ligne Roset’s L’Appartement

Nestled in the heart of Lyon’s antique district is an exciting new design destination. Named simply L’Appartement, it features 6 sensory rooms, each of which explores what it’s like to come home to Ligne Roset. Naturally, we couldn’t resist a peek inside…

Upon entering, we were immediately struck by the intimacy of the space. Under the auspices of Marie Christine Dorner and colour guru Mériguet-Carrère, the lofty ceilings have been painted plum, establishing the lounge as a cosy and soulful meeting place.


In limiting the use of colour to the room’s upper echelons, Dorner draws all attention to the quilted Phileas sofas. Resplendent in a cream boucle knit, they provided a first look at Ligne Roset‘s soft furnishings — so luxurious we had to touch everything twice.

Confluences 2 Chair

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Anda Armchair

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It’s a sensation that only deepens as you meander through the apartment.  From the trendy Terazzo floors through to the velvet Confluences chairs, each finish has been selected to be savoured and stroked.


Dorner’s playful approach also seeks to reimagine how intermediate spaces are styled. In L’Appartement, hallways become a spot in which to linger and sit — an idea that we’ll definitely be taking home with us.


Moody mauves gave way to deep mustards as we headed into the home office. Such a rich and enticing palette combined perfectly with the Canaletto walnut of the Tanis desk, creating a workstation that feels warm and inviting no matter the season.

The statement decor reaches its visual crescendo in the dining area. In a beautiful play of contrast, the herringbone sideboard and cow-hide rug are pitted against the highly contemporary table and chairs, working to create a space that is both nostalgic yet modern.

Ruché Bed

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Last but not least, we sidled off to the bedroom, a slender space in which the vibrant Ruche Bed sits centre stage. Upholstered in zingy yellow velvet, it’s distinctive quilting reveals one of the many ways Ligne Roset uses their technical mastery to help to create a sense of comfort and luxury. Combined with a monochrome rug and ditzy pouf, it acts as the visual anchor for this lively millennial bedroom.

Flirtatious and fun, L’Appartement expresses a new language of luxury — one that is intimate without ever feeling ostentatious. If you’re feeling inspired by its unique design language, then don’t miss the opportunity to pop down to our Hatch End showroom where we have a large dedicated Ligne Roset studio on display.


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