Born To Roam: Portable Lamps To Love This SS21

Born To Roam: Portable Lamps To Love This SS21

Much has been written about summer ’21. All we know is that it’s the season to be spontaneous. To say yes to life, friends, and alfresco adventures. And if there’s one thing you take with you, let it be a nifty, little nomadic light. Some can be hung from the arms of trees as delicate pendants. Others promise 100 hours of rich, buttery light. All ask you to unplug. Go outside. And explore. Here are ten the best…

Ivy Battery Lamp

The sky is the limit for the little Ivy lamp. Versatile like the vine of its namesake, it needs just the smallest of spaces to work its magic. Tap the base thrice and you’ll discover a range of different brightness settings. Perfect for delivering beautiful mood lighting, even on the most starless of nights.

Ivy Battery Lamp

Mesh Ambient Lamps

Mesh comes to life in the night-time, spilling delicate light effects through its peek-a-boo shade. Like all good designs, it treads lightly on the Earth — powerable by the Sun during the day. Or by a discrete cord at night. Gorgeous alone, better in clusters. It promises to bring a taste of the Tropics, home. 

Mesh Table Lamp

Agadir Lantern

Agadir is named after a Moroccan city nestled in the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Woven into its soft cocoon are spiralling floral cut-outs, each of which send light dancing across the surrounding space. Ethereal, colourful and just a little bit magic, they promise to become the light and soul of any alfresco setting.

Agadir Lantern

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In Vitro Unplugged

In Vitro offers total freedom. From wires. Light bulbs. And all of the trappings of traditional lighting thus far. Beautiful as a sculptural accessory during the day and a glowing glass lantern by night, it features a plasma-infused glass casing that radiates and reflects light. In eliminating the standard bulb and protective shade, it provides a 360 degree experience of light. Unhampered, architectural and delicate.

In Vitro | Discover

Flowerpot VP9 Portable Table Lamp

The Flowerpot collection reveals the comforting curves beloved by designer and architect, Verner Panton. Designed at the height of the Flower Power movement, it can be used in bohemian schemes. Or any space where joy is desired. The portable VP9 is the latest addition to the family. A little lighter and smaller than the standard wired table lamp, it’s the perfect asset for nomadic adventures. 

VP9 Portable Table Lamp

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Ice Cream Portable Table Lamp

Design that’s good enough to eat. Such is the idea behind this little LAMP from Lladró. All smooth, sinuous swirls, it takes the ethereality of the classic Japanese paper lantern and rewrites it in precious porcelain. And because the designers know that the best meals are experienced alfresco, it also happens to be portable. You can think of it as a playful contemporary candle for outdoor dinners. Or else, a source of solace for summer evening strolls.

Ice Cream Portable Table Lamp

Salt & Pepper Portable Table Lamp

Salt & Pepper is proof that one should never judge a book by its cover. Concealed within its simple, splash proof silhouette is a super potent battery, capable of delivering up to 100 hours of rich, buttery light. Designed by innovative German brand, Tobias Grau, it’s easily the most powerful lamp on the shortlist.

Salt & Pepper Portable Table Lamp

Salt & Pepper Portable Table Lamp

Carrie Portable Table Lamp

Carrie is a lovely little companion for all of life’s little moments. Much more than just a lantern, it’s handle is completely rotational, ensuring it can hang suspended on the outstretched arms of trees or from the centre of a tent. Its minimal silhouette is enlivened by metallic finishes and a textured leather handle.

Carrie Portable Table Lamp | Discover

Muse Battery Table Lamp

This season, the bestselling Muse Battery Lantern returns in three new noteworthy colour ways: champagne & burgundy, white & mustard and light blue & white. Each riffs on the gentle joyfulness of summer in Italy, inviting colour and luminosity into all your most special outdoor moments.

Muse Battery Lantern | Discover

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Panthella Portable Table Lamp

Last but not least is another Panton classic. The long-awaited portable version of his bestselling Panthella lamp. Small in stature but mighty in output, this endearing little number transforms in the darkness, thanks to the warm glow of its cleverly engineered shade. Whereas most lamps content themselves with delivering a downward gush of light, the entire surface of this opalescent shade lights up, a beautiful half-moon for cloud-strewn evenings.

Panthella Portable Table Lamp | Discover

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