Clever Lighting Tricks For Every Room In The House

Clever Lighting Tricks For Every Room In The House

Light changes everything. How swiftly we sleep. How cosy we feel. How intensely we’re able to work. And yet stronger isn’t always better when it comes to finding the right kind of light for our living spaces. From the soft sheen of the bedroom to the bright glow of the office, every ambiance has its idiosyncrasies. It’s why, this season, we’ve paired up with Flos — Italy’s most illustrious lighting brand — to share a couple of lighting tricks for every room in the house.

A Warm Welcome

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First impressions count. And as the space that constitutes our first and last experience of home, the hallway deserves a lot more attention than it usually receives. One of the ways we like to honour this is with a couple of well-placed wall lights. We perceive brightness better on vertical surfaces. And when used alone or in pairs, wall lights work to create vertical paths of light — an indulgent gesture that brings life to some of the darkest regions of the home.

Similarly welcoming effects can also be achieved by opting for a fluted glass bulb.

“When styling the Last Order lamp, artist Laila Gohar and photographer Zhi Wei said they wanted to evoke the feeling of the end of an evening with friends,” explains Ludovic Aublanc, Creative Director at Chaplins.

 “We’ve used it in a couple of our interior projects and found that it effortlessly captures this sense of contentment. The visual equivalent of a long exhale. Or that home at last feeling you get as you walk through the door.”

A Serene Sanctum

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As one of the more sacred domestic sanctums, bedrooms require just as much deliberation.

The knee-jerk reaction usually sees the use of a single ceiling light, whose purpose is to illuminate every part of the room. Too often, however, these lights work by flooding the space so that any further attempts to accent get lost. While this is great for offices and commercial spaces, you’ll want to try something more inviting in your bedroom.

Often, the difference between a beguiling and a washed out space comes down to the shade you choose. Elegant resin diffusers like the ones on the Overlap and Zeppelin pendants are a foolproof way of transforming bedrooms into ethereal wonderlands. So too are the carefully blasted orbs of the IC series. 

And yet for a truly customisable experience, nothing beats the BON JOUR Table Lamp. Hidden inside it’s slender frame is FLOS‘ intuitive Edge Lighting technology, a feature which allows you to change the colour temperature as desired.

For the full dream state, we recommend fishing things off with some guide lighting. Whether tucked inside a wardrobe or used to outline a mirror, these clever LED fittings lend a lovely ambient glow. Perfect for shedding light on those hard-to-reach spots.

A Luminous Lounge

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Interior designer Gavin Houghton once said that the more layers a room has, the calmer it becomes. It’s a similar story with lighting which is why in living rooms we try to create pockets of luminosity — little lacunas of loveliness that can envelop social activities as they unfold.

"The more layers a room has, the lovelier it becomes."

While this can take time to develop, one sartorial shortcut is to incorporate modular styles like Michael Anastassiades’ STRING or AIM lights. Thanks to a series of imperceptible wall hooks, design lovers can draw out beautiful overhead webs, from which dangle a selection of adjustable glass orbs. These can then be rearranged at will, to shape light as and where you need it.

“When I sit on a train travelling, I always see these strings of electricity out of the window,” explains designer Michael Anastassiades. “It’s so beautiful and poetic the way they connect the pylons but at the same time they divide the landscape. I soon realised that I wanted to translate this into interior architecture.”

 The careful division of space can also be achieved through more traditional means. One of the most common requests for many of our clients is a quiet nook in which to read or relax. For this, you’ll need bright directional light, usually a modern floor lamp or a strategically placed pendant for hard to reach spots. For a style that does both, look no further than Parentesi – a sliding floor-to-ceiling lamp that invites us aesthetes into the act of creation.

An Inside Job

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Our recipe for a winning home office is simple. You’ll need a cosy chair. A generous desk. And a small but mighty lamp. And while nowadays there are many task lights to choose from, none do it with as much strength or simplicity as Vincent Van Duysen’s Oblique Light.

The result of years of experimentation, it packs a helluva punch. As well as the generous gush of glare-free illumination, its base also contains a wireless phone charger, working to free the desk from unsightly cables. Of course if space is really at a premium, then an overhanging wall lamp will do the trick. A little bit like the lost-n-found 265 Chromatica.

A Light To Dine By

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At last, the dining room. The space in which we can throw caution to the winds and indulge our maximalist senses to the fullest. Of course, you’ll want any statement overhead lighting to be glare-free and dimmable so as to flatter your guests. Fortunately today, even the most elaborate styles promise all of these functionalities. This season has seen the return of contemporary chandeliers, made minimalist and lovely by stackable elements or pared-back silhouettes.

2021 has also seen the rise of the contemporary candle. Nomadic little lamps that can be used to complete a tablescape or taken outdoors for a stroll. Bellhop is the original. But the new Last Orders can also come in handy again here, too.

This year, life alfresco has taken on a special importance. As we tiptoe towards spring, we’ve been busy updating our alfresco catalogue with everything you need to enjoy the outdoors with those you love most. Click here to peruse the entire catalogue, or book an appointment with our friendly design team for stellar advice on how to extend your residential panorama this season.

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