5 Urban Apartments Transformed By Smart Storage

5 Urban Apartments Transformed By Smart Storage

In 2021, it doesn’t matter where you live. Space is increasingly sacred. 

So how do sartorial city dwellers make the most of their urban lot? The truth is quite simple. They plan. Some of them by themselves. Others with the help of architects and interior experts who know how to transform even the tightest corner into a generous storage space.

In search of such serene living quarters, we took a trip to three of Europe’s most sought-after cities: London, Milan and Monaco — to find out how today’s aesthetes are making every inch of domestic space count.

The Makers, Shoreditch

Shoreditch is many things. The birthplace of English theatre. And the only place in London where you’ll find a 24/7 bagel bar. As such, it’s long been a beacon for creative types, and is easily one of the most coveted postcodes in the UK. Imagine our delight then, to learn of the Makers residence — a new 128 apartment complex complete with a home cinema, library and some of the lushest rooftop gardens in London. 

For all the luxurious amenities, it’s the interiors that take the biscuit. Each of the petite pads are underwritten by fine Italian styling and offer a masterclass in spatial planning.

In the bedroom, the architects have filled unusually shaped alcoves with a mix of floor-to-ceiling Selecta shelving and flush Flango wardrobes. Both of which use the full height of the room to squeeze out the maximum number of possible storage opportunities.

Tiptoe into the living area, and you’ll be struck by clean, concise lines. Each of which helps trace out new areas to congregate. The Snap Sofa is compact yet cosy. So too are the Bai Lu dining chairs, with their soft Italian leather seat and rich wood frame.

Drama, we learn, is created not through overly showy decor but by enlisting moody colour palettes and premium finishes. A clever technique that can be used to convey a sense of splendour no matter how large your space.

Torre Milano, Milan

Torre Milan is a new high point in the city of style. Designed for those who love living in the sky. And making everyday life extraordinary. As you might expect, it features a kaleidoscope of beautiful Italian designs — proof, if ever it was needed, that you don’t need to own a Palazzo to live la dolce vita. 

In these homes, everything has it’s proper place. There are floating LT40 storage units in the dining area, designed to keep crockery up up and away. The master bedroom is equally nimble. Opposite the generous double beds are bespoke fitted Nur wardrobes, which act as a frame for an alcove in which aesthetes can position additional chest of drawers or even a vanity desk. Meanwhile, in the smaller bedrooms an extra workspace is created thanks to the use of a pull-down chest. A home for family, work and play, we can imagine all sorts of high-flying types making their life here.

Balfron Tower - London

The Balfron Tower is a brutalist beauty in the heart of Poplar. Tasked with the renovation of this iconic high-rise, architectural firm, Londonnewcastle, knew they wanted to invite personality and warmth into its concrete shell.

Inside each apartment are a selection of sculptural finishings (original architect Ernö Goldfinger would have allowed nothing else) although designers have been given creative licence to grant them a rebellious twist. The swivelling dining chairs are hewn from up cycled terrazzo. And the tubular headboards upholstered in velvet. Piquant and fun, they work to instil a sense of vibrancy into an otherwise industrial space.

The bedrooms and kitchen are equally full of surprises. The central islands conceal a plethora of shelves, drawers and cabinets. And there are also full height fitted closets in every bedroom — a real rarity for an apartment of this size. Then again, these aren’t just any standard studio flats. A utopian landmark of the London skyline, Balfron Tower prefers to maintain its reputation as a totem of avant-garde living, serving up habitable works of art, designed with the very real needs of its inhabitants in mind.

One Monte-Carlo - Monaco

In Monaco’s Monte Carlo, the cars are flashy. And the yachts even more so. Nestled just off the harbour is the One Building. Its curvy architecture shapes every facet of life in building, from the wraparound balconies to the unusually shaped interiors.  

One of the more brilliant ideas of the architects was to transform a central corridor into open plan walk-in wardrobes. This can be done in any space with non-structural pillars, and is the perfect way to transform everyday routines into beloved rituals. Pictured here are Lema’s Open Wardrobes, an infinite modular system that allows aesthetes to organise their collections down to the last button or belt.

Novel House - London

The final stop on our European tour was Novel House, a new development in leafy Hampstead. It’s classic brick exterior conceals a generous collection of 16 apartments, each a little kookier than the last. Glossy lacquers and lush prints reign supreme, conspiring to create a picture of old English eccentricity.

The storage solutions represent some of the more understated decor decisions — a mix of barely-there bookcases, tucked away vanity desks and fitted wardrobes. Keen eyes will notice the Flago Wardrobes once more as well as the Text closet in soft celadon green.

While they vary dramatically in size, styling and taste, each of these of apartments work hard to elevate our individual experience of space. It’s an idea we’re pretty keen on at Chaplins. And not just because it makes for a more beautiful home. But because we know the power that a well-organised space can have on mood, productivity and relationships.

If you could use some help planning your home, then we really recommend getting in touch with our interior planning service. Suitable for homes of all sizes, our team of friendly design experts will help you find the right solutions for your space, building a system that’s bespoke to your lifestyle and needs. Plus, you’ll get to see all of the finest storage solutions up close, thanks to our generous fitted furniture showroom department. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment and take the first steps to a more streamlined, joyful home.

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