How to Achieve Health and Happiness through Interior Design

How to Achieve Health and Happiness through Interior Design


The human mind is an incredibly powerful, insightful and opulent component within our biological composition. Often neglected, its nurturing takes a back seat to the everyday distraction which misleadingly seem of more importance. Our mental state is a crucial factor in the mechanism of our movements, actions and the way in which we approach life’s obstacles. There are many ways in which our mental agility can be altered to determine conflicting outcomes of neutral situations. When our minds equilibrium is affected, so are our actions. It’s therefore within our best interest to invest the time into protecting and stimulating our brains at all times to ensure that they are healthy and elevated, regardless of the negativity that may surround us.

Many factors contribute to our health, happiness and emotional wellbeing. From the types of food we consume, amount of exercise we practice to the types of people we choose to surround ourselves with. All of which contribute to our own personal journey of contentment. However, one of the fundamental and often underestimated factors, is the environment we choose to situate ourselves in.

Scientifically proven, our living space can influence our emotional state of mind in both a negative and positive manner. Interior design can have the power to systematically improve our moods through clever use of colours, fabrics and furniture feng shui. Tranquil shades, stimulating surface textures and resourceful organisational units can all contribute to the make up of a healthier habitat, resulting in a happier and more positive you.


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When it comes to colour, choosing the correct kind is essential to achieving a positive ambiance within a home. Colours visually stimulate us causing brain cells to react and triggering a torrent of unleashed emotions. Not only do different colours impact our feelings, but the amount of exposure we have to certain shades can also affect the chemical imbalance within our brains. Incorporating colour into a living space should be done with precision and attention to detail. Avoid over indulgence of certain shades and misuse of garish tones as they can hinder the potential of a prosperous space.

Tranquillity can be achieved through clever use of soft serene shades. Incorporating pastel tones such as blues, greens and lilacs into a contemporary living space can result in a calmer and more relaxed environment. This clever colour scheme can be transitioned throughout the home, although it is particularly recommended within areas intended for recreational rest.

Ideal for the bedroom, Zanotta’s Hotel Royal bed incorporates the perfect amount of colour within its delicate contemporary composition. Contrasted against neutral tones, this pleasing creation is a perfect piece of furniture to integrate into contemporary bedroom settings in order to achieve sublime serenity.

When it comes to seating systems relaxation is key. Husk’s designer cushion colours combined with comfort, allows for the ultimate relaxation experience. Husks soft green finish is the ideal tone to help channel stress, unwind and immerse ones self in a serene state of mind.

Not only can colour aid calm and tranquillity, but it can also have the power to stimulate energy and excitement. Like most beautiful things, vibrant colours can trigger a surge of thrill and enthusiasm.

Don’t be discouraged by dull décor and liven up your interiors with the likes of Piccola Papilio, ‘Metropolition’ and ‘Shimmer’. The sheer sight of these vibrant visionary beauties is enough to get any bloodstream pumping and energy levels lifted.


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“ A tidy house a tidy mind”

In life organisation gives us the ability to take control of situations in order to attain positive experiences. It can give us a clear direction and thought process of obstacles ahead making life a more pleasurable journey. When it comes to our living space organising physical objects can lead to clearer paths both in reality and within our mind. Structuring a household by decluttering and strategically tidying can help with stress reduction, productivity and emotional elevation.

Stylish contemporary sideboards such as the sophisticated ‘ Webber’ design are a great way to help incorporate regimented routines into households. Bodily appealing on the outer exterior, sideboards act as both physical attractions and practical resourceful units within a living space.

Designer wardrobes with a wealth of storage options such as ‘Skin’ are ideal for decluttering living spaces. As each of your delicate desirables are placed within their delegated units, a feeling of structure and contentment in your life will overwhelm you, instantly relieving stress, tension and unnecessary anxiety.


Interior Wellness - Lighting

Another contributing factor that has a negative impact on our emotional state of mind is lack of light. Dark and dingy spaces can psychologically affect our mood causing it to down spiral and effectively weaken. Lighting can play a vital role when it comes to elevating interior ambiances. Incorporating an array of lighting solutions within your home can effectively improve moods while visually enhancing interiors.

Let magical designs such as ‘Hope’ and ‘Kidal’ guide you out of the darkness and into a contented setting. Not only do these delicate designer designs visually please the eye, but their reflective chandelier structure enables ample lighting possibilities to be reached, brightening any living space instantly.

Take control of your life with adjustable luxury lighting solutions that enable you to monitor the amount of light you wish to be exposed to. The ‘Circa’ table lamp is the perfect solution for lighting that conforms to you. Achieving the correct balance of light in your life can help keep you elevated, while avoiding being drawn in by the darkness.

Our mental health is continuously tested by the unpredictable demands of life. Though the factors that contribute to our emotional wellbeing may often be out of our control, channelling our positivity through interiors can greatly aid in our health and happiness. Whether it’s through lighting, storage or colour, getting creative within your living space with Chaplins furniture is the first step in scientifically benefiting your emotional wellbeing.

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