Meet Chester: A Sofa With Soul

Meet Chester: A Sofa With Soul

There are some homes for which only a classic design will do. It might be a Georgian townhouse in Bath. Or else a beloved brownstone in Brooklyn. In both cases, the very bones of the building beg you to choose to a style with soul. 

We’ve entered many such homes over the years. And there’s always been one design we’ve reached for when asked. Known as the Chester, it finds its roots in the heritage sofas of Edwardian England. All plush leather and perfect capitonne, it is both a concrete expression of contemporary living and a testament to eras past. And in 2021, it’s changing and evolving once more.

The Original Chester

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You can tell whether a Chester is real just by sitting on it. The leather should be smooth and silky to touch. Impossibly rich. And not overly shiny or cracked.

The padding, meanwhile, will be structured but soft. Made possible by the padded horsehair armrests and goose down cushions.

The latter was the invention of Renzo Frau. The eponymous founder of the Poltrona Frau brand. And the grandfather of all the beautiful leather furnishings in 20th century Italy.

He first became enamoured with the Chester sofa in 1912. And knew that it could be easily enriched by meticulous Italian craftsmanship.

The Chester he imagined would be many things. At once a commanding presence. And the cosiest place to spend a Sunday. And so he set to work on creating a level of comfort usually reserved for thrones or the plush suites of visiting dignitaries.

Inside, it’s suspension would see biconical springs positioned by hand. Attached to jute belts and a supporting structure of seasoned beechwood.

Outside, for all the world to see, would be the rich leather upholstery. Punctured by individually sewn capitonne buttons. And pressed and pleated into place around the billowing armrests.

Renzo got what he wanted. Poltrona Frau’s classic Chester is officially the most perfect sofa on the planet.

And yet Chester is changing.  Not in terms of looks or comfort. But evolving to meet the new demands of today’s contemporary homes. It’s with no small amount of joy then, that we present Chester Line. A sinuous, modular, curvy update. Suitable for homes large or small.

Say Hello To Chester Line

Chester Line sees the iconic style deconsctructed and multiplied. Design lovers can now choose leisurely chaise units. Or else curvy shapes that trace the silhouette of crescent moons. Armrests can also be added or subtracted — all in the pursuit of finding unique definitions of comfort. Buildable. Beautiful, it’s represents the next generation of Chesters, that grow, expand and adapt as you do.

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