Modern Wardrobes You Can’t Live Without

Modern Wardrobes You Can’t Live Without

The transformative power of a tidy house is well documented. Concentration improves, creativity flows and valuables can be located with ease. Yet despite this, households across the UK are outgrowing their storage space and succumbing to a feeling of disorganisation. While we can’t all be minimalists, we can choose to free ourselves from physical clutter by opting for better storage solutions.

Bespoke wardrobes offer a unique answer to this contemporary problem. Custom built to suit your style and space, they can be personalized down to the very last drawer to gift you that extra bit of storage exactly where you need it.

As a long-lasting solution, it’s important you feel informed about all the available options so you can choose a timeless system that will work forever within your home. Our guide to designer storage is here to explain everything you should think about when shopping for tailor-made wardrobes, alongside our top tips for maximizing your living space.

1) Up, Up and Away


Suspended wardrobes are ideal for those who crave versatility and want to maximize floor space in their bedroom. The Gliss Master Up is the first entirely suspended bedroom system, intent on turning traditional storage on its head.

The more visible floor space, the larger a room appears, and these aerial fitted wardrobes by Molteni & C allow for the introduction of suspended shelves, drawers or baskets below the main units. In breaking up the aesthetic of clunky, light absorbing wardrobes, Patricia Urquiola has introduced new storage possibilities to homes in which every square metre counts.

2) Out of Sight, Out of Mind

CHAPLINS Gliss Master Filo - Molteni & C - RESIZED

At Chaplins, we believe the best designer storage is seamless, capable of adapting to your existing space regardless of sloping ceilings or unusual alcoves. Fitted wardrobes like Hulsta’s La Vela II or Molteni & C’s Gliss Master A Filo excel in squeezing out all of the available height and width of a bedroom, while blending effortlessly into your existing décor. Available in a variety of high gloss and wood finishes, these modern wardrobes add luminosity while concealing an array of customized internal chambers.


Of course, fitted wardrobes must be installed with care and precision. Our home design service can oversee the design, order and installation of your designer storage, ensuring a perfect fit from start to finish. We will commence your project with a full survey of your room, checking for and, if necessary, accommodating sagging ceilings, uneven floors, skirting boards and the position of electrical sockets for any integral lighting. Taking into account all of these elements allows for truly flush, tailor-made wardrobes with no unsightly gaps or protruding wires.

3) The Show Off


Luxury walk-in wardrobes are for the collectors and fashionistas, those with a penchant for tailored suits or designer shoes. They represent the pinnacle of bespoke design and are an excellent option for those who want to display treasured possessions while creating a safe, stylish space in which to store them.

CHAPLINS Hulsta Entra Wardrobes - RESIZED

Consider transforming the spare room opposite your bedroom, or, if you have the space, incorporating these glamorous wardrobes into your existing environment. Opt for delightful storage islands, soft integral lamination and perfectly carved shoe cabinets. Exclaim over revolving trouser racks, designer dressing tables and jewellery compartments — the options truly are endless. If you can dream it, the Chaplins team can fulfil it.

4) Lightweight and Lovely

CHAPLINS Porro Boutique Mast

No longer the preserve of bulky, inflexible cabinets, designer storage has evolved into an innovative and exciting field. The lightweight profile of Porro’s Boutique Mast demonstrates how clunky units have ceded to visually light, perfectly formed systems that can act as both storage and room dividers for airy, open-plan residences.

CHAPLINS Porro Boutique Mast Detail

This kind of modern unit is a superb option for those who crave smarter storage without the weight of some of the other modern wardrobes. There is a wonderful Japanese simplicity in the minimal, linear structure that allows for effortless organization in every room.

5) Simple Yet Effective

CHAPLINS M&C Gliss Master Start

Of course, that’s not to say that there hasn’t been significant innovation to existing storage options. In applying a modular approach to the internal chambers of freestanding wardrobes, companies like Molteni & C have coalesced the essentials of bespoke 21st-century storage into a series of beautiful standard wardrobes. Take the Gliss Master Start. This modern freestanding wardrobe can be customized to include all of the organizational and illumination features one might expect to find in a walk-in wardrobe, while shaving 2 weeks off the overall delivery time.

It’s remarkable the difference a simple change to your home environment can make. Our home design service is here to help homeowners fall back in love with their living space, regardless of size or locale.

6) Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Diagonal Sliding Doors

When it comes to designer wardrobes, each style of door has their own unique advantages. Sliding or bi-fold wardrobes are perfect for bedrooms that are short on space, as there’s no need to leave room for the door to open outwards. Likewise, mirrored doors can also create the illusion of a larger room and provide a full-length mirror without taking up valuable floor space. If space is no obstacle, browse for inspiration among Chaplins’ exciting catalogue of hinged wardrobes and modern glass wardrobes where you can be sure to find a luxurious solution to accommodate your lifestyle.

CHAPLINS Hulsta Multi Forma Wardrobes - RESIZED

Every home is unique, which is why our creative experts will adopt a variety of innovative solutions to help you realize your dream living space.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our design team on 020 8421 1779. Or pay a visit to our Hatch End showroom where you will find many of these luxury styles on display. We look forward to welcoming you on the next stage of your design journey.

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