Revival Of The Fittest: 70s Styles That Are All The Rage Again

Revival Of The Fittest: 70s Styles That Are All The Rage Again

70s style is having a moment. From wave-shaped sofas to space-age table lamps, the decade “that style forgot” suddenly looks like a goldmine for avant-garde ideas about modern living. A whisper rather than a full-on revival, it adopts the optimism of one of history’s more colourful chapters to reveal a bold new take on retro styling. Here’s all the ways to get in on it… 

A Stylish Soft Spot

The seventies departed from the principle that just about everything in contemporary society would need to be renegotiated. From the reverberating calls for women’s rights to the rumblings of Thatcherism, it was an era in which change was not only expected, but earnestly demanded. No object was free from this reforming tide. Fusty three-piece suites were replaced with snaking modular sofas that could be rearranged at will. Louche lines, soft edges and platform bases made way for a wonderfully luxurious experience. The lounge, in all its cushy glory, was born.

Camaleoda | Discover

Togo | Discover

Today’s iterations are just as revolutionary. Icons like the Camaleonda collections have been faithfully reissued – although this time with new palettes and stellar eco-credentials. Systems that were once deemed too complicated or forward-thinking are also being debuted for the very first time. If you haven’t already, check out Acerbis‘ Life sofa. Part of the 2021 Remasters series, its deliciously deep dimensions promise to soothe even the most finickity of aesthetes. Then, of course, there is the one, true indulgence that makes these loungers all the more enticing this time round. The emergence of Netflix — a ready made excuse not to have to leave them for hours on end.

Light Years Ahead

Multi-Lite | Discover

It doesn’t matter where you stand on 70s styling or your wider sartorial leaning. There is no ambient that cannot be improved by the gentle application of light. A sacred element for all life, it’s one of the most important components of any home — a truth that was not lost on three of the era’s most prominent designers. While they each went about it in their own ways, they were united by a similar passion. To shape our experience of space in new and inspiring ways.

Panthella Mini | Discover

Snoopy | Discover

The most successful was Verner Panton. A disciple of the decade’s organic curves, he sought to create a lamp whose entire form would radiate light. With remarkable faith in the possibilities of form, he got to work on a silhouette whose base and shade would act as glowing reflectors, transforming the humble table lamp into a glowing talisman of light. He succeeded, and marvellously so. Today, the Panthella remains one of the leading lights of Nordic design and is now available in a selection of retro mirror finishes and an exclusive new size.

Agent Orange

Haller | Discover USM

We couldn’t sign off without mentioning the elephant in the room. Tell your partner you’re thinking of incorporating orange into your living room and they’ll likely take you to A&E for a check up. The key here is in the undertones and surrounding palette. The chromatically conservative should opt for a scheme of burnt earth hues, enlivened by rich brass accents. Shades of mango and papaya can even work well in navy blue or monochrome schemes, provided they are given space to work their magic. Just check out the Pilot and Mushroom Lounge chairs below.

Pilot Lounge Chair | Discover

Mushroom Chair | Discover Artifort

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