Statement Furniture Designs For Every Room In The House

Statement Furniture Designs For Every Room In The House

Design buffs can often be found quibbling about the distinctions between art and design. However, in trying to pin down where one ends and the other begins they miss out on a whole category of design whose raison d’etre is to surprise and delight. Statement furniture deliberately challenges these dualisms — swapping the language of either/or for something more expansive. In this context, dramatic dining tables can be both elaborate sculptures and luxury objects — a liveable piece of art around which to gather and dine.


At Chaplins, we’re suckers for such statement style and love seeing them in the homes of our clients. To celebrate the launch of our Summer Sale, we’ve selected 10 of our favourites — each of which promises to infuse your interior with personality and fun.

Underfoot Couture

Sonia Rug

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Designer Florence Bourel plays with retro shapes and soft hues in this dramatic rug for Toulemonde Bochart. The meandering pattern is achieved through a mixture of hand-woven techniques, helping to delineate the overlapping geometries.

Sculptural Seating

Pumpkin Sofa by Ligne Roset

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For all its sculptural appeal, the Pumpkin Sofa by Ligne Roset is surprisingly soft. A playful, tactile piece, its organic curves have been designed to hug the body while casting a cocooning silhouette in modern living rooms.

Industrial Excellence

Platner Coffee Table

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A classic ever since its inception in 1966, the Platner Collection captured the graceful shapes that were beginning to infiltrate the modern vocabulary. The iconic pieces are created by welding hundreds of curved steel rods to circular frames, simultaneously serving as structure and ornament.

Size Matters

Odino Wall Mirror

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When it comes to statement mirrors, you can go large or go home. Equipped with a beautiful Canaletta Walnut frame, we recommend leaning the Odino Mirror nonchalantly against the wall for an effortlessly chic effect.

The Art of The Understatement

Moon Dining Table

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We’ve spoken a lot about drama and style — the type of furniture that demands immediate attention. And yet understated designs can exert their own gravitational pull. It’s a feat that’s often explored by the creative minds at Gubi — a Danish design house committed to infusing Scandinavian style with a newfound sense of luxury. The Moon Dining Table is one such example. Its organic curves are simple yet strong, creating a distinct identity that is easily complemented by any dining chair within its orbit.

Elegant Expressions

Penelope Dining Chair

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As elegant and light as the name suggests, Penelope promises to add charm and grace to any dining setting. Available with or without armrests, its curvy form is made particularly eye-catching by its elegant brass base.

Power Lines

Cavaletto Desk

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Power lines translate into laser focus with the Cavaletto Desk. The intricate construction process, executed by Cassina’s carpenters, illustrates the excellence of the wood-working skills of the craftsmen of Meda.

Statement Storage

Voyager Sideboard

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Covered entirely in beautiful studs, the Voyager Sideboard‘s spiralling pattern provides a visual expression of wanderlust — the desire to get up and explore the world in all its natural glory.

Go For A Spin

Spun Lounge Chair

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Shaped like a spinning top, Spun is one of those beautiful Alice In Wonderland designs born from a simple question: could a completely rotationally form make a comfortable chair? Suitable for use indoors or out, the Spun series has become a bestseller for Magis, adored by adults and children alike.

Turn Over A New Leaf

PH Artichoke Pendant Light

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Whenever we look to classical architecture or art, we’re often struck by the level of detail or construction that went into it. It’s the same with Poul Henningsen‘s Artichoke Pendant Light. Each of the 72 leaves is carefully cut and stamped, before being assembled by hand to ensure a beautiful glare-free light. The result is an enchanting luminaire, that continues to delight 60 years after its launch.

Dream Big

Dike Bed

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Dike is a theatrical modern bed from Maxalto. While large in stature, it’s oversized headboard is made comforting by the use of an ad-hoc designed fabric, which creates colourful visual effects which gently fade into one another.

Love statement furniture design? Make an appointment to visit us in-store today or shop the entire sale online.


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