Supersized Serenity: 10 Grand Garden Designs

Supersized Serenity: 10 Grand Garden Designs

We love outdoor living because the garden is a space in which we can really break the rules. It’s with this in mind that we’ve rounded up 10 grand garden designs, each of which promises to transform the way you experience the outdoors this summer. Among the stand-alone pieces, there’s something for everyone, be that a highly-stylized daybed or a delicate hanging nest. Eccentric, daring yet always beautiful, these pieces promise supersized serenity and more…

ULM Daybed by Vondom

If Eero Saarinen had designed outdoor furniture we like to think it would have looked a bit like this. All sleek lines and sumptuous upholstery, the ULM is a highly contemporary daybed, made all the more attractive by LED lighting and a stylish roof.

Shadowy Armchair by Moroso

At the other end of the design spectrum is the Shadowy Armchair by Moroso. Part of their M’Afrique Collection, it harnesses an ancient technique used to create fishing nets to bring forth a beautifully ornate outdoor armchair. The furled backrest is both fashionable and functional, providing a welcome reprieve from the sun.

BK13 Swing Sofa by Carl Hansen & Son

The BK Indoor-Outdoor Collection celebrates the warmth and truthfulness of teak. Initially designed in 1959, it’s clean lines and masterly craftsmanship make it an ideal fit within the Carl Hansen & Son family. Of all the lovely items, the BK13 Swing Sofa is the undisputed star — a gentle swing on which to laugh, love and make memories this summer.

Cone Floor Lamp by EMU

Every summer, we each experience nights that we wish would never end. With the Cone Floor Lamp, they don’t have to. A gentle giant, its size is offset by delicate details, from the soft pleated shade to the slender arching stem. A striking piece of contemporary design, it provides a soft wash of illumination to help extend your summer soirée into the small hours.

Toku Daybed by Paola Lenti

Meaning “shelter” in English, Paola Lenti‘s Toku is where Japenese aesthetics meet Italian quality. From the soft light woods to the roll-down blinds, it’s your go-to for a Zen garden retreat.

Adan Planter by Vondom

No garden is complete without greenery, and the Adan Planter offers a sculptural home for your favourite shrubs. Available in a range of sizes, it offers quick design fix for artistic homes. We recommend lining them up on your driveway or positioning one as a stand-alone piece for modern decks.

Canasta ’13 Sofa by B&B Italia

Folly Bench

Folly is a one-of-a-kind modern bench from Magis. Designed by Ron Arad, it bears all the hallmarks of his eccentric design language. Undulating and sensual, it reaches for new forms as backrest becomes seat and vice versa. Comfortable yet stylish, it’s an ideal focal point on which to reflect and chat.

Daybed by Gandia Blasco

Daybed is the result of years of investigation into comfort. While traditional in shape, its sleek finishes and high-tech upholstery establish an island of tranquillity in your back garden.

Nest Rest by Dedon

Last but not least, is the Nest Rest by Dedon. An ethereal cocoon, it appears to have been crafted by Mother Nature herself. Laden with cushions, the special fibre weave allows those inside to see out while preventing anyone outside from looking in.



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