Your Guide to Achieving Interior Elegance with Gallotti&Radice

Your Guide to Achieving Interior Elegance with Gallotti&Radice

It’s official. What we want from our homes isn’t simply to look good. To be at the forefront of the design zeitgeist. To innovate and be interesting. What we want, what we need, is intimacy, comfort, and calm. That isn’t to say beauty and elegance can’t go hand in hand with this – that’s exactly what we’re striving for, but it’s a delicate and subtle balance. Italian brand Gallotti&Radice knows how to strike that equilibrium, every object in its catalogue a thoughtful, soft take on minimalism that brings harmony, luxury and personality inside.

An intimate portrait

Along with soothing the mind, Gallotti&Radice’s home of 2023 is also dedicated to individuality. It represents those walking between its walls, spaces expressing their inhabitants' inner souls and stories. Each object says something about the owner and the room around it, from ‘you are welcome here’ (soft, rounded shapes) to ‘sit down and get comfortable’ (generous, buoyant cushions) to ‘this is me’ (wonderous, thought-provoking objects on display).

It's about feeling

Ask yourself – how do you feel walking through your front door? The answer should be: relaxed. Soothed. Peaceful. While of course life can get in the way of those things, your home should absolutely not be a stumbling block, which is when it’s handy to have Gallotti&Radice on call. Its shapes are smooth, materials warm, textures diverse, and detailing sophisticated. Gallotti&Radice pieces – especially when multiple items are used in one space to emphasize its aesthetic – are designed to create cosy contentment and elicit a zen-like atmosphere. If it were music? Smooth Jazz, baby – a little quirky, a tad energetic, but mostly a sink-into-the-sofa-on-a-Sunday sound.

Exquisite refinement

It’s about crafting a space that is curated, but not so you’d notice. Full of elegant detailing, intriguing forms, and beguiling textures, yes, but first and foremost comes the feeling of being welcome, and of being home. It’s what defines every Gallotti&Radice collection. Its pieces reinvent silhouettes, building refined yet convivial interiors to create homescapes that are truly unique, mood-setting, and enticing. The brand’s newest launches are a gift to the eyes and the soul in so many ways. Let’s explore them...

Rounded wryness

The Clemo-T table by Massimo Castagna demonstrates the power of the curve. A perfect disc poised upon struts that are playfully rounded at the base, with the simple circular embellishment to its legs, the piece is imbued with fun friendliness. While its material, a choice of opulent grey marbles, may be formal, sensible, and almost austere, its contrasting curvy form gives you a wink. Serious? Not this house. The only thing we’re serious about is impeccable design.

Clemo-T Table | Akiko Dining Chairs

Clemo-T Table in Arabescato Orobico Rosso

Clemo-T Table | 0414 Chairs

Quiet conversation

With its name alone inviting you into its dream-like, ethereal world, the Cloud Infinity sofa by Massimo Castagna is immense. Like its namesake, this form is devoted to softness, dynamically undulating creating an immediate temptation to dive onto its perfect cushioning. This is no ordinary L-shaped sofa. It’s in no normal league. Turning 90 degrees slowly and silently, the intimacy it forms is almost a surprise – oh there’s someone sitting facing you! Despite being precision perfect, the bend feels organic – perhaps it will straighten up when we’re not looking… The mood it casts? That of floating blissfully on air.

Cloud Inifinity Sofa | Clemo Coffee Tables | Stamens Bench

Cloud Infinity Sofa

Cloud Infinity Sofa | Prism Low Tables | Haumea Occasional Tables | Livre Armchair | Garda Mirror

Bold serenity

The much-talked-about, already award-winning Soda sideboard by Draga & Aurel is a convention-breaker, and an out-of-the-box-thinker, a vivacious statement piece even before it’s been put to use at all. A full, sun-like circle of gold-toned glass surrounded by a thick swooping frame and accented by gold, the design is quietly audacious, full of confidence as well as beauty. Its glass front is an invitation to showcase your character – that trinket from that trip, that long-gathered collection, that treasured memory, to form a unique, personal space within a space. While boldly ahead of the game and setting its own trend, Soda also contributes to a tranquil environment with its rounded form, tonal shade, and warm detailing.

Soda Sideboard | Akiko Armchair | Prism Side Table | Audrey Pouf | Bolle Verticale Light

Soda Sideboard

Lema Sistema LT40

Sculptural scenery

Combining geometric perfection with an organic, irregular feel, the three rods of the Key-to-Heaven Light by Massimo Castagna are set at equal distances from each other, their curved bows creating intersecting visual shapes which morph when it is seen from different viewpoints. Full of narrative, the piece is intriguing, inviting a walk around it to appreciate it from all angles. Warm and welcoming with its rich finish and arced elements, it’s also dynamic and dramatic, a conversation topic designed for discussion, companionship and admiration.

Key-to-Heaven Suspension Light

Key-to-Heaven Suspension Light - Detail

Key-to-Heaven Suspension Light

All-encompassing comfort

An upholstered hug, the Akiko Lounge Chair by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti combines extra thick back support with an oversized base cushion, the minimalist, contrasting frame providing a jovial dash of contrast before shrinking into the background. This is pure exhale-as-you-meet-the-deadline stuff, the chair wrapping around you as if it’s been waiting for you all along, in the most comfortable form it can imagine. In a room, it is pure joy, visually soft on the eye both with its gentle texture and gentler shape, and a mental escape route to guaranteed relaxation.

Akiko Lounge Chair | Hide & Seek Sideboard | Bolle Aria Light

Akiko Lounge Chair

Akiko Lounge Chair | Hide & Seek Sideboard

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