How to create a sublime sleep space

How to create a sublime sleep space

If there’s one room in the home that truly needs to function properly, it’s the bedroom.

Thinking of the bedroom as a room that can work or glitch is a strange concept, but how we furnish and curate the objects in the room have a direct effect on the amount and quality of our sleep, affecting our days as well as our nights.

There are the obvious things – quality mattresses, breathable bedding, curtains that block out light properly, the absence of blue-light-emitting devices, keeping it tidy (make the bed!) – and then there are ways in which good design can help.

Squaring Bed

A cleverly designed space will fill you with peace and relaxation, whereas the opposite will cause anxiety just upon entering. The modern bedroom should be a room to retreat to, where the day’s stresses, demands and never-ending to-do lists melt away. It should be a place you feel completely comfortable and at ease, able to let the mind unwind and the body rejuvenate – a wonder-space that contributes to both mental and physical wellbeing.

Explore our contemporary bedroom decorating ideas, expertly crafted to see you drift into dreamland. With serene shapes, set ups, and styles, these bedroom ideas create a cool yet calming sanctuary for rest, relaxation – and designer refinement.

Venere Dressing Table

Adda Bed

Dressed to Impress

For us, all rooms need to look good, and while the bedroom plays a role for senses other than the eyes, it’s no exception. Once the basics such as muted-tone walls, getting rid of mess, and ensuring there’s softness at every turn are established, we can get down to our favourite part – the furniture and accessories to fill the room with.

Curve Appeal

For bedrooms that ooze zzz-inducing zen, it’s about rounded forms. Roundness, curves, arches, and spheres feel safe – there are no sharp edges or angles to remain on constant bumping-into alert, so the brain can finally switch off. From bed frames themselves to bedside tables, bonus seating, mirrors and more, go for the smooth – furniture that has curved edges just belongs in the modern bedroom. If you want to relax, and there’s an angle, banish it.

Organic, not-quite-geometric shapes fit in well, so nature-inspired designs offer a serene sleeping environment, turning the room into a cosy cocoon where the rules, like you, are relaxed.

Gliss Master Wardrobe

Softbay Bed

Ruche Bed

Feeling Plush

Texture-mixing is important too. Playing into the visual and tactile elements of the space, a diverse array of materials – from woven rugs to carved wood to upholstered headboards and seating, to smooth stone and metal detailing as well as knitted throws, mirrors and decorative accessories – add depth and dimension. The layered beauty creates an aesthetically pleasing, harmonious space conducive to relaxation and restful sleep.

Structured Serenity

Where it's all placed could not be more important in this room of them all. A bedroom that’s going to act as a visual lullaby needs to use its space optimally, creating a comfortable layout that makes sense to the mind and physically flows.

The positioning of furniture, decor, and those personal essentials is crucial to establishing a harmonious and restorative environment. A thoughtfully arranged bedroom enhances the space’s appeal and increases its functionality – to make you feel positive and ready for a relax, the room should be filled with items that resonate with you and reflect your personal taste.

5050 Wide Bedside Table

Prima Wardrobe

Go with the flow

It's vital to consider the ‘traffic’ of the space – movement within the room. You want an easy, calm journey from the door to the getting-ready area to the bed and to the bathroom, especially as sometimes you’ll be navigating in the dark. No bumping into things or bringing objects crashing to the ground please (and no getting lost when you’re half asleep).

Comfort Zones

Objects within the space can also be used for zoning, dividing areas for separate actions such as sleeping (obviously), getting ready, winding down, working, reading or pure lounging. Such organisation at the moment of putting the room together will be invaluable, making the space brilliantly versatile and ensuring the bed area doesn’t get contaminated by agitating activities such as replying to emails.

Dike Bed

Private Oasis

The bedroom is a place of privacy and key pieces can be arranged to support this – positioning the bed against a wall away from the door, for example, creates a sense of security as well as avoiding a direct-to-the-bed line of sight when the door is opened, for privacy. Get involved with folding screens to forge further secluded sections, and utilise tall pieces of furniture such as book shelves or dressers to act as additional barriers.

Prime Position

It’s the mindful placement of each component that transforms the bedroom into a sanctuary, a space where the composition casts a calming visual rhythm, every object purposefully positioned to evoke a sense of tranquillity and balance. Star-of-the-show beds should be easily accessible from both sides, bedside tables should be within easy reaching distance, eyes should be comfortable with the lighting, and chairs or benches should be out-of-the-way but also easy to get to.

Lato Side Table

Captain Flint Floor Lamp

Time for Bed

If there’s one piece of furniture it’s important to get right when designing the bedroom, it is – naturally – the object the room is named after: the bed itself. The aesthetic focal point in the room, together with leading the way object-wise, the bed frame sets the tone for the style and restfulness of the whole space. Its look says a lot. Shapely and minimal? Grand and decorative? Oversized and luxurious? Four-postered and classic? The bed itself is an opportunity to express your personal aesthetic in a statement, room-dominating way.

Sleep Retreat

The comfort factor of the bed is the one thing holding the space together, the reason for the room existing in the first place. The provider of a peaceful space for winding down and transitioning into sleep, a well-designed bed is an inviting haven, acting as a visual cue indicating a dedicated space for serenity.

The ergonomic shape of elements such as the headboard and frame are slumber-summoners. Enhancing physical wellbeing, the frame’s structure is a pleasant and reliable foundation for a good night’s sleep, while the headboard creates a sense of cosiness serving as a buffer from the cold while also creating a cocoon above and around snoozers.

Bio-mbo Bed

Table Talk

The bedside table may be comparatively small, but it has a big job. Relied upon daily, and nightly for nocturnal essentials, it offers storage, lighting, and refreshments (mostly serving glasses of water) all within arm’s reach. Promoting a sense of don’t-need-to-think-about-it convenience, plus simple and easy personalisation of the all-important objects on top, the bedside table seamlessly contributes to the pre-sleep wind-down, adding to the bedroom's overall sense of calm. Nothing is forgotten, everything you need is right here.

Night Light Delight

Appropriate lighting in the bedroom can change the tone from alert and awake to my-eyelids-are-closing. Bright white lights are your go-to for the morning, whereas gentle glows are needed at night. Layering light in the bedroom is vital, the ‘main light’ generally being too strong for evening wind downs. This is where floor and table lamps come in. As well as something sculptural, alluring and that enhances the style of the space, opt for soft, dimmable lighting with warm-toned bulbs for supremely soporific surroundings.

Volare Bed

BM0488 Bedside

Furniture Fiesta

Wider accent furniture too plays its part in enabling the drift into a serene slumber. A designer dressing table or vanity area are aesthetically pleasing and helpful for organising the bedroom, as well as creating spaces for grooming and self-care which add to a relaxing and enjoyable bedtime routine.

Boost the snug scale with a large area rug, which should be placed running under the bed, or (for smaller designs) alongside it – feeling an indulgent, soft texture before and after sleep keeps the senses soothed. Similarly, cushioned benches or ottomans at the foot of the bed, and upholstered armchairs, offer cosy and convenient places to rest and shake off the remnants of a busy day.

Clutter Free Harmony

The one design investment in the bedroom that’s a total game changer? Built. In. Storage. Promoting a sense of order, and preventing clothes from piling up, bedroom built-in storage is transformational in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Maximising vertical and horizontal space, it smartly and efficiently makes the most out of every centimetre, completely personalised to individual rooms for a gloriously seamless, clean, neat look.

Not only organising clothing, accessories, and personal items and creating a more spacious environment, built-in bedroom storage streamlines daily routines, fostering a serene atmosphere fundamental for relaxation and ensuring a ready-for-a-restful-night retreat.  

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