Why Cosy Design Is Here To Stay

The need to cosify our interiors has dominated design ever since Hygge’s spread south in 2017. Sleek lines have softened into generous curves, with stiff fabrics traded for velvets, bouclés and silk. Taken together, it represents a softer, more organic look at luxury, in which comfort and relaxation reign supreme. With the New Year fast approaching, we’ve identified 3 cosy design trends that look set to take hold — each offering a tactile rebellion in the age of the screen.

Blanketing Styles

In 2020, we crave connection. Not the phoney, Mark Zuckerburg kind, but the in-the-real life contact with the ones we love most. Interior design has been quick to respond, unveiling a variety of modular styles that swap sleek lines for casual comfort. The latest evolution includes a selection of blanketing styles that reveal the softer side of luxury. Backrest cushions are delicately folded and draped, negating the need for additional throws or cushions. In saving the architectural lines for the dining room, our living rooms become cosy retreats, as comforting and intimate as the most beautiful bedroom.

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Woollen Wonders

In 2020, wool looks set to replace velvet as the finish du jour. From cosy bouclé knits through to all-out shearling, the organic finish imbues interiors with a newfound intimacy and softness. Somewhat less formal than velvet, there’s an innate snugness to it, best exemplified by the arrival of Gubi’s Stay Collection in Sheepskin. For those looking for wool styles that will transition well into the summer, we recommend taking a look at the new Ply collection from GAN. Crafted from 100% new wool, its both breathable and soft — a great fit for minimal schemes.

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Meandering curves and circular styles are having a moment. More than just a stylistic choice, they help create interiors that feel restful and inviting. The new school favours loose lines that reimagine tradition silhouettes, with everything from puddle shaped rugs through to curvy desks. Playful and personable, they represent a departure from the “form follows function” dogma, helping to break up boxy spaces with sinuosity and charm.

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