10 Stellar Designs From IMM Cologne Furniture Fair 2020

10 Stellar Designs From IMM Cologne Furniture Fair 2020

Every year, the design calendar kicks off in Cologne, as hundreds of thousands of visitors flood its streets for the IMM Furniture Fair. A space of innovation and luxury, it reveals the first look at the year ahead and the exciting ways we’ll be living and working together. This year, we’ve whittled down the plethora of styles to 10 standout designs, each of which encapsulates the avant-garde spirit of a new decade.

Fenc E Nature Sofa by Cassina

In one of the most stunning IMM debuts yet, Cassina decided it was time to venture outdoors, bringing their wealth of indoor styling experience into the open air. A mix of weather-hardy classics and carnivalesque newbies, each of the nine collections encourages you to discover the serendipitous beauty of alfresco living.

Of particular note is Philippe Starck‘s Fenc e Nature collection. In its organic materials and rustic joins, it emulates the easy elegance of the natural world, tapping into the growing desire for authenticity in all things.

“With the Fenc-e Nature, I created something that doesn’t exist; something between daily DIY and Duchamp’s Ready Made. It doesn’t seem to come out of a factory, and brings humanity, charm, poetry, creativity and Nature to your home.”
– Philippe Starck

Taru Chaise Lounge by Ligne Roset

In our recent Trend Report, we discussed how the desire for plus-sized comfort shows no sign of waning — an idea confirmed by the wide range of generous lounge styles on display at Ligne Roset. Of particular note, was the new Taru Sofa by Sebastian Herkner. Fully upholstered from top to toe, it rejects showy ornamentation in favour of subtle detailing — with the intertwined backrest the standout feature. Compact yet shapely, it promises to carve out zones of comfort in homes large and small.

“I would like people to find in my creations the same quality and the same execution that one would expect in gastronomy or fine wine…”
– Sebastian Herkner

Nori Coffee Table by Gallotti & Radice

A classic from the Gallotti & Radice archive, the Nori Coffee Table was in pride of place at IMM Cologne in soft upholstered taupe. In its suede top and brass base, fair-goers got a glimpse of contemporary Art Deco styling, expertly matched with high-shine lacquered sideboards and soft boucle knits. It also spoke to a wider trend of soft-touch finishes for traditionally hard-furnishings. Think gorgeous leather fronted cabinets and luxuriously upholstered shelving.

Drop Bench by COR

Colourful and quirky, the Drop Bench is synonymous with the new energy fizzing through German design house, COR. Its slender form is stackable and stylish, enshrining flexibility as a key demand for modern homeowners. It is also one of those curious products that manage to bridge the gap between residential and commercial spaces, equally at home in a millennial office as in a colourful contemporary apartment.

“The optional add on table is for the little things in life…”


Gliss Master Sistema 7 by Molteni&C

At Molteni&C, the dawn of a new decade means a new styling system for their bestselling walk-in wardrobe collection, the Gliss Master. After years of careful development, the Sistema 7 introduces a horizontally folding door — ideal for use in tight corners or as a delicate partition. At its core, the collection seeks to help homeowners show off what they already have, taking care of beloved possessions in such a way that they last and live forever.

“Protection is something very important that we all need and that is something that I wanna translate into my architectural and design work”
– Vincent Van Duysen


Androgyne Lounge Table

The new Androgyne Lounge Table experiments with shifting conceptions of luxury. From afar, you’d be forgiven for mistaking its flinty surface for a glamorous cork composite. Come closer, and you realise that it’s crafted entirely from Kunis Breccia stone, its hushed veins and mineral fragments emitting an alluring glint. Available online this Spring, it reveals how Scandi brands such as Menu and Gubi are seeking out softer stones in order to create tactile yet indulgent living spaces.

Wassily Lounge Chair

Trends may come and go but Bauhaus is forever. Such was the message at Knoll’s gorgeous stand at the IMM Cologne Furniture Fair this year. The collections of Ludwig Van Der Rohe and Marcel Breuer all received delicate updates, with the Limited Edition Wassily Lounge Chair a real star. Couldn’t make it out to Cologne? No problem. As of this week, we have one limited edition Wassily’s in-store and 3 available online. So whether you’ve always been curious to see one up close or you just fancy spending the afternoon surrounded by gorgeous design, we’ve got you covered at Chaplins.

Starman by Arketipo

Arketipo’s bustling stand provided many design enthusiasts with a first look at some of the luxurious new sofas previewed in Milan. Of particular note was the Starman collection, a sculpted, sloping number that looks to break free from traditional sofa typologies.

“If Bowie played with delineating crescendos and lyrical wordplay, Starman is playing with aggressive and powerful contours, designed to impose their being in a unique space. Here, you will find low backs, curved lines, swooping drops and an illusion of a floating space.”

– Ludovica & Roberto Palomba

LT40 Unit by Lema

Equally customisable styles could be found at Lema, where their striking LT40 Storage Unit was on full display.  A mix of lacquered containers and well-placed wall elements, its modular form allows for a mosaic of storage options. Beautiful in its own right, it can be enhanced with marble-topped trays and built-in LED light systems for extra flair.


Atlante Bar Cabinet

One of the final stops of our IMM tour was to the open-plan Porada stand. All rich woods and plush upholstery, it provided another opportunity to get up close with some of the most exciting styles from Milan. Of note in the impeccable dining room was the Atlante Bar Cabinet — a sleek yet glamorous unit which allows homeowners to enjoy a tipple from home.

Do you have a favourite design from the IMM Cologne Furniture Fair? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also shop some of the first styles to arrive online and in-store at Chaplins via the links below. 


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