5 Ways To Decorate With Mirrors This Season

5 Ways To Decorate With Mirrors This Season

It’s a well-known fact that decorating with mirrors can help boost the look and feel of any living space. But in 2019, how should one go about it? In this week’s blog, we take a look inside several luxury homes to discover five of the most stylish methods being used by interior designers today.

Gallery Walls

One of the key trends that cropped up time and again was the use of mirrors in gallery walls. Whether clustered together or spaced apart, these reflective islands work hard to establish an attractive focal point. They also require less space to breathe than traditional art, opening up the room to make a luminous first impression.

Styling Tip: Experiment with size and form to create a wall that’s imperfect yet Zen — rather like archipelagos when viewed from above. 

Ego Mirror

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Raperonzolo Mirror

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Follow Nature’s Lead

This summer, bring the outdoors in with a selection of nature-inspired mirrors. Ranging from ditzy florals to contemporary taxidermy, each of these designer mirrors celebrates all that is rare and beautiful about the world around us.

Styling Tip: Line your hallway with Mogg’s Fendo Wall Mirror, using the to-scale antlers to hang up stray coats and jackets.

Bice Wall Mirror

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Fendo Wall Mirror

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Stylish Slivers

Ideal for awkward spaces or petite nooks, a slender wall mirror promises to take your decor to new heights. There’s also something distinctly modern about these stylish slivers. In their fragmentation, they offer a new perspective of our surroundings, bringing little details into the foreground.

Styling Tip: Elongate your space by positioning slender mirrors above or around large furniture. 

Camelot Wall Mirror

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Keplero Wall Mirror

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Multipurpose Mirrors

The best designer mirrors should offer more than just aesthetics. Through considered design, they can help make sense of your home by providing additional storage or lighting opportunities. Our favourites include Ligne Roset’s Geoffrey and Reflex’s Titanium Mirror, both of which can be found in store.

Styling Tip: When looking to partition a room or a wall, often for screens or shelves with a mirrored back to help gain back some of the space.

Ren Dressing Table

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Stars Mirrors

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Make An Oversized Statement

For lovers of luxury, there’s nothing quite like an oversized mirror. Discover drama and style with our selection of giant wall mirrors, designed to flood your home with beauty and light.

Styling Tip: Lean large floor mirrors against the wall for a nonchalant and modern look.

Lollipop Wall Mirror

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Valeria Mirror

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