Trend Alert: Dopamine Décor

Trend Alert: Dopamine Décor

Go wild. Release yourself. It’s time. Dopamine décor has arrived, and – as the name suggests – it’s zooming in on using the home to boost the mood. Think of it as one step further from viewing the home as a sanctuary. The home has become a playground.

At its core, dopamine décor is inspired by dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ chemical responsible for pleasure and reward. Integrating its influence into interiors taps into human psychology, and has led to the current boom in interiors created to amplify happiness.

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So what does dopamine décor actually look like? There’s adventurous colour, there’s tempting texture, there’s alluring lighting, there’s unusual shape, but most of all there’s variation. What makes us happy is so innately personal, that no two dopamine-dosed rooms will ever look the same. It could be a space full of mismatching furniture, a single powerful statement piece amongst the calm, an unpredicted combination of colours, texture where before there was smooth, moments of design that ignite surprise, or a proudly showcased personal collection of objects. It’s design meeting emotion in the most playful and unrestricted way.

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Liberation from Limitation

Juxtaposition and contrast are key. ‘Clashing?’ Throw that word out of the window and embrace eclecticism. Sure, not everything that brings you visual bliss coordinates with each other, but so what? The point is it’s beautiful to you, and it’s your home after all – forget about how the rule book says it should look and hone in on how you feel, not how you think you’re meant to feel. Get that dopamine going, decorate with abandon and design a space that’s all the more unique, vibrant and authentic for it.

Identify items that evoke a burst of positivity when you see them. Treat these as the centre of your space, and build up around them, working them into an existing set up – there’s no need to completely redecorate, using a single item or few pieces of furniture, lighting, rugs or accessories can be just as cheerful and effective as creating a whole new look.

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An interior is the natural projection of the soul."

- Coco Chanel

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You Do You

The essence of the dopamine decor trend lies in selecting furniture and accents that genuinely bring you joy and reflect you as a person, so each object or aesthetic is imbued with meaning as well as beauty. Spaces should deeply resonate with you, prompting a surge of pleasure, contentment or sheer delight and moving past the way they look on a surface level to forge a connection with the sentiments. Rooms setups can take inspiration from childhood; objects, art, a treasured collection, fashion, travel or a memory – dig deep into yourself.

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Bring on the Brilliance

For many of us, colour plays a dominant role in decorating for that hit of happiness. From a rainbow explosion in one space, to a gentle smattering of calmer shades, either one colour or a combination of many can strike a chord with us on a deep level (that sometimes we can’t even explain). As dopamine décor gathers momentum, bright, cheering hues are on the up, with kaleidoscopic spaces filled with vivid, often contrasting, colours filling homes with optimism and good vibes. An easy way to get involved? Choose objects individually rather than trying to make sure they all ‘work’ together – don’t worry about that – and organically layer shapes, forms, colours, patterns, or materials to grab attention and lift the spirits, or simply go a bit bolder with the colours you’re naturally drawn to.

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"Design is thinking made visual."

- Saul Bass

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Level up the Joy Factor

Nothing is off the table – your personality is centre stage, and the furniture and objects you surround yourself with should bring a smile at every turn. Perhaps they evoke a joy-filled memory, or perhaps they stir up an emotion, or perhaps their sheer beauty gets your heart beating. Dopamine decorating is not about being subtle – now’s the moment to be daring and introduce any objects, colours or themes that ignite passion and awaken the senses. Don’t hesitate – put it on display in its full glory and cheerful splendour.

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Beyond Brights

While dopamine’d homes are the antithesis of quiet neutrality, that’s not to say calming, colourless spaces can’t get involved, and if you’re not an every-colour-all-in-one-space type of person, that’s great too. It’s about what brings personal satisfaction. A dash of pigment, texture or interesting material here and there can be just as effective as a space drenched in colours if it rouses your senses. While vibrant, elaborate, high contrast designs often define this style, a minimalist approach can also classify as dopamine decor if it creates a glow of wellbeing and a jolt of joy.

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Totem Sound System

"The details are not details, they make design."

- Charles Eames

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