Utilise the power of Feng Shui this Lunar New Year

Utilise the power of Feng Shui this Lunar New Year

With the lunar new year upon us, we’d like to refresh our spaces for a super start to the year of the dragon. Before we dive headfirst into dragging sofas and decluttering our drawers, let’s delve a little into what a Dragon year will symbolically mean for us.

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The Animal Branch

The Dragon is a yang sign, meaning it is associated with brightness, strength, sunlight, intensity in all areas: noise, movement, temperature. It is active change, intentional progression, and, to hugely simplify one half of the power of the cosmos: the colour white. The Dragon itself is known for confidence, especially socially, and ambition - whether that be for wealth, glory, or the pursuit of personal goals. Those born in the year of the Dragon know what they want, and have the fire-power to achieve it.

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The Five Elements

This year’s Dragon is of the Wood variety. Feng Shui incorporates a five element theory: water, earth, fire, metal and wood. While each has its own ‘personality’ assigned, we only need to focus on wood for 2024. Embrace a stage of growth, resilience and creativity this year by incorporating wood into your home and your state of mind.

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The Art of Balance

At the heart of Feng Shui is one seemingly-simple thing: balance. External balance aids in internal balance, and we can only advise you on one of these areas, so let’s look at your exterior… or rather, interiors. Creative combinations (known as generative) for Wood are as follows: Wood & Water Wood & Fire.

Greens (Wood), golds (Dragon), and browns (Dragon) will offer vine-like intertwining throughout your personal haven, leading sprouts of creativity into your inner sanctum.

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The Focus of Flow

Opening up your home to the flow of positive energy should be a key focus in your Feng Shui journey this new year. A tidy, clear space offers plenty of room to learn, grow, and flow - using sturdy, beautiful wooden storage to keep your precious memories safe. Room to stretch your body and mind is crucial to maintaining positive energy.

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The Power of Positivity

Once you have the room to focus and flow freely, now you can fill it with furniture that either boosts positive energy with fun shapes, colours and textures, or add pieces that will allow that energy to ‘bounce’ from wall to wall, corner to corner. In the most literal sense, we can bounce reflections using mirrors, but we can also bounce it using uplifting wallpapers and rugs like a launchpad.

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