Hibernate In Style: Loungers You’ll Love Long After Lockdown Is Over

Hibernate In Style: Loungers You’ll Love Long After Lockdown Is Over

As any budding Dane will tell you — there is an art to staying in. Of hunkering down and hibernating during winter to emerge fresh and rejuvenated for spring. It’s an art we’ve not always fully understood on our own misty isle, but one that’s become all the more pressing in light of recent events.


Today’s blog is therefore as much a public service announcement as it is a pat on the back. After 7 long months, we’ve finally got lockdown cracked. We know the wines, films and YouTube wormholes to wallow in (Nuit St George, the Tarantino decathlon and Bad Lip Reading) and have done the rounds when it comes to getting cosy.


And while we’d like to claim that we did it all in service of our fellow introverts, the truth is, it was probably the most self-indulgent exercise we’ve ever undertaken. However, in the interest of sharing, we thought we’d enclose our findings: a shortlist of the softest, most luxurious loungers to love during lockdown and beyond.

Offset Sofa

No one does Winter quite like the Scandis. Rather than flinching at the bitter weather, our northerly neighbours embrace the season with gusto, inviting elegant candleholders and plush textiles into the residential panorama. One suitably cosy Nordic design is the Offset Sofa by Menu. In going deeper on the seat cushion, design studio Norm Architects pull off the ultimate balancing act — a luxurious sofa that is generous enough to lounge on while retaining its compact footprint.

Camaleonda Sofa

Combining the versatility of the chameleon (cameolata) and the freedom of waves (onda), the CAMEOLANDA SOFA transforms contemporary lounging into a glamorous game of Tetris. Thanks to a clever system of hooks and rings, it can be redesigned at will, responding dynamically to the ebb and flow of modern life. Originally designed in 1970, it’s re-release was one of the most exciting bits of industry news we’ve received all year.

Saparella Sofa

The possibility of mixing and matching is also evident in Saparella, a colourful sofa from the archives of Michel Ducaroy. Best known as the mastermind behind the Togo series, Ducaroy took a playful approach to contemporary living — shaking up the stuffy French design scene with tactile, colour-popping loungers. Saparella stands out for its asymmetry, with units that can be slotted together to make satisfying new compositions. This modularity is characteristic of 60s and 70s design — eras in which designers wished to involve their clients in the outcome of their creations.

Matic Sofa

A platform for living? Or a piece of floating architecture? Such is the conundrum at the heart of Pierro Lissoni’s new Matic collection. The question is, of course, rhetorical. In its elegant suspension and generous proportions, Matic is free to become both. When we saw it for the first time, we were struck by how its expression changes depending on the upholstery. Style it in leather (as per the man-cave above) and you have a cool, Mad-Men-style lounger. Try it in fabric (as per our lead image) and its tectonic planes melt together to form soft islands of comfort.

Grande Soffice Sofa

Grande Soffice — or the Big Fluff in English — is indulgence writ large. It’s also proof that, no matter the word, it’ll probably sound sexier in Italian. Leaving onomatology aside for one moment, we challenge anyone to enter the skylit interior above and not make a beeline for this plush and opulent sofa.

So confident are Edra that this is the world’s comfiest sofa that it can’t be bought online. You have to come and see it for yourself. Fortunately, you don’t have to go all the way to Milan. Simply pop down to our luxury lifestyle showroom in Greater London, where we have this and other Edra sofas on display.

Duc Duc Sofa

Leaping from the bountiful to the boxy, we find ourselves in the presence of the Duc Duc Sofa by Cassina. Draped entirely in their new Ortigia velvet, Duc Duc pays tribute to the flair of the great Italian tailors. The characteristic panel structure is assembled by means of a zip that runs along the sides for its entire height, locking the cushions in a tight embrace. Ideal for smaller lounges or awkward nooks that you’re not quite sure what to do with, Duc Duc carves out a soft and sumptuous space in which to relax.

Abacus Sofa

The Abacus was one of the first tools used by man to try and grasp the many possibilities of mathematics. In a similar inquisitive vein, Porada’s Abacus Sofa seeks to open up living spaces to the multitude of ways we are now choosing to connect. From snaking modular loungers to the more traditional unit pictured above, it is a flexible and cosy addition to any living setting.

Wonder Sofa

Clean lines and curvy silhouettes come together in the Wonder Sofa by Space Copenhagen. Designed as part of their ongoing partnership with Danish brand Gubi, it can be used to create 360 degree lounging possibilities, thanks to its stylish back-to-back variants. Another intriguing detail are the plump cushions, folded over square lines and kept together by hidden magnets. In true Space Copenhagen style, the relationship between front and back is subverted to create a sense of measured simplicity.

Suita Sofa

Caught between a mid-century modern sofa and something more exuberant? Enter Antonio Citterio‘s Suita series. Its industrial chrome legs create the same sense of lightness while paving the way for more contemporary lounging configurations. As for us? We love the corner sofa variant piled high with matching scatter cushions. In fact, so enchanted were we buy its easy comfort that we brought in back to our showroom. Click here to make your appointment to visit it up close.


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