Milan 2016: Brand New Porada Collection

Milan 2016: Brand New Porada Collection

Porada launches a brand new collection in Milan.

Launched last month in Milan, the new Porada collection hints at a 50s style with new reinterpretations, where the constant artisan ability that makes Porada a leader in the design industry is unmistakable. The result is a home with recognisable taste, contemporary and timeless, which prefers the lasting warmth of wood to any other modern excess.

Porada MySuite Walk in Closet

The new walk‐in closet Mysuite, developed in collaboration with Buratti Architetti, represents the biggest achievement for Porada. Undeterred by current market trends, this spectacular and majestic piece is made entirely from canaletta walnut. Combining their mastery in the use of solid and veneer wood with refined details in leather and glass, the designers achieve an exquisite fusion of both design and function. All of these features make Mysuite a walk‐in closet of great value tailored to meet anyone’s taste.

The new proposals for the living and dining areas adding to the current collection always match the feel of the ideal Porada home. Naturally the main material is the wood itself, principally canaletta walnut, which is often combined in a double finish, lighter and darker, with efficient and original outcomes.

Porada Milan 2016

The most exciting new creation for the living area is the Porada Kirk modular sofa. Presenting the natural development from previous models Bolero and Fellow, Kirk has been created to meet the ever more demanding needs of our customers, calling for a modular sofa with an accent of wood. Multifunctional items and large mirrors are created to personalise the interiors, like the Ops mirror in canaletta walnut with inserts in natural maple, designed by Umberto Asnago. From the hands of the same designer, the Liala armchair is a real gem among the lounge options with its arms covered by cane or fabric.

Porada Milan Stand 2016 - 01

One of the highlights of this year’s “Salone” is a new entry in the team of Porada designers: Andrea Borgogni, who took part in the “Salone Satellite” in 2014, and introduces the Allison sofa to the new collection. Meanwhile, the collaboration with the international Gallina and Bigi continues to be a fruitful and outstanding success. The former presents the Blush console and Glow night table, which follow the design of the Maskara dressing table launched in 2015, and the Loretta pouf combined with the armchair presented last year. The latter is inspired by a poetic and sculptural world. The living area, like an oasis of respite, seems coming to life thanks to Jenny side tables and their decorative elements Jonny, delicate bird shaped spotlights which bring a touch of nature into the home.


Porada Kirk Sofa

CARLO BALLABIO on KIRK, modular sofa:
“Kirk is a 360° project, whose rational shapes give priority to the comfort and freedom of composing in different domestic environments. The main theme is the elegant carved base in solid canaletta walnut, which allows the system to meet all the other Company collections with balance. The base holds the upper upholstered part with its generous lines that give the sofa a classic, and at the same time, contemporary taste. The seats seem to float thanks to the precious brass feet that spread a sense of lightness. Another important element is the sartorial care of the covers, enhanced by the tone on tone or in contrast grosgrain piping that perfectly defines the geometries.”

Porada Allison Sofa - Front

Porada Allison Sofa - Back

“This sofa brings the wood, carved with artisanal care and molded with the most modern design techniques, in the world of upholstered products. In fact, the solid wooden frame is the core of the project.”

Porada Raster Side Tables

“From an element of researched simplicity, and made entirely from solid canaletta walnut here is Raster; a complete expression of Porada’s philosophy and virtuosity when working with wood. Composed of two opposing “grill” levels/panels oriented in a transversal way, held up by slender columns. An everyday piece that is both functional and decorative. An elegant leather‐covered tray accompaniment is available as an optional fine addition.”

Porada Circe Dining Table

DAVID DOLCINI on CIRCE, dining table:
“Circe holds my personal attempt to give life to a female and dynamic object with a high spatial sense. My will was to create a table that could include many different concepts: the sensuality of volume, a rigorous design logic, dynamism, the solidity of the product, the lightness of the image, the balance of proportions.”


UMBERTO ASNAGO on RONDO’, sideboard with bar:
“The asymmetry of its line make it unusual, but at the same time identifiable with the Company. Its shape is linear, but soft on the edges and it has a very particular glass door, which holds the bar unit with a turnable bottle holder inside. The sideboard is made from canaletta walnut with natural maple details, which embellish the frame.”

Porada Micol Dressing Table

GIOVANNA AZZARELLO on MICOL, dressing table:
“It is a contemporary dressing table, a multifunctional object. Its curving lines are balanced with a formal accuracy, which makes it an appealing product, suitable both for classic and modern environments. The result is a vintage product, where shape, function and current trends are absolutely cohesive.”

Porada Jonny Jenny Coffee Table

STEFANO BIGI on JENNY and JONNY, coffee‐tables:
“It’s a collection of occasional tables inspired by thinking of a home reflecting calm and tranquillity, with a living room like an oasis of respite from dawn to sunset. The led lights available in three options could lead to imagining little birds keeping one company. These pieces created for Porada reaffirm the charm and elegance inspired at times by poetry, at others by sculpture. Another range in Porada’s “signature finish”, the solid canaletta walnut; and another beautiful piece that would sit handsomely in every home.”

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