Outdoor Living Inspiration For Every Occasion

Outdoor Living Inspiration For Every Occasion

As the temperatures start to climb, the hottest venue in town is just a couple of feet away. So whether it’s a patio, courtyard or rolling paddock, it’s time to start cultivating your Eden. Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite styles for every occasion. Because no matter your plans this season, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them al fresco.

For al fresco feasting

Bat & Beetle Dining Chairs & Atmosfera Dining Table by Gubi

Dine-Out Collection by Cassina 

Eames Plastic and Wire Collections by Vitra

Food tastes better en plein air. And whether you plan on whipping up a salad or warming up the grill, these al fresco dining styles promise a taste of spring.

Styling tip: Tap into the serendipity of the season by mixing and matching dining chairs.

One collection that lends itself naturally to this approach is the Eames Plastic Collection by Vitra. Available in a cornucopia of colours and sizes, there’s a sinuous seat for everyone. So if you’re having trouble whittling down which hue works best for you, why not try a few? 

For those who insist on keeping things classic, try to look for textures within different families. A teak dining table. A rattan dining chair. A beautiful willow lounger. We promise your space will feel all the more alive for it.

For unrivalled comfort

Solaria Collection by Poltrona Frau (in-store only)

Food isn’t the only thing the Italians take seriously. As it happens, they’re hella fastidious about comfort, too. It’s an idea that extends into the garden, with a plethora of brands authoring the kind of super-soft loungers we never thought we’d see outdoors.

Styling tip: For the full indoor-outdoor effect, look for sofas with bolster cushions.

As well as providing an extra level of support they also help prevent larger cushions from sliding out of place.

For keeping the party going

If you want your soirée to last into the small hours, then garden lighting is the way to glow.

Styling tip: The big shift in recent years has been towards portable lighting — with the use of beautiful "contemporary candles" becoming more and more frequent.

However, if remembering to charge a lamp isn't your thing, then you'll want to take a look at Brokis or Flos.

As well as unveiling outdoor versions of bestselling indoor lamps, they also have a range of architectural solutions that can help bring overlooked areas of your home to life — the facade of a summer house, for example. Or the winding paths and gardens beds that help trace a language of lushness at home.

For soaking up the sun

When the sun does arrive, we’re a nation that knows how to enjoy it like no other. This year, why not give crowded parks a miss and start creating your own paradise at home?

Styling tip: Ours is a capricious old climate so look for styles that can do a lot with a little.

One of our favourite examples is the BK14 Sunbed which can be easily transformed into a stunning bench for use during the cooler months.

And for Brits who don't fancy falling out with their dermatologist, don’t forget to add a parasol. Gandia Blasco’s Ensombra or Cane Line's Sunshade are great candidates here.

For mastering the anywhere office

Timeless Club Armchair by Gandia Blasco

You can thank the digital nomads for this one. And if it's true that now you can work from anywhere, let it be out in the garden — pina colada in hand.

Styling tip: The key to nailing this one is a high back outdoor lounge chair — if possible with a rectractable coffee table on which to prop your laptop.

Not only is it far chicer than the whole laptop-in-a-cardboard-box fandago we saw trending on Instagram last year — you'll also be able to tune out any distractions with ease. Ensconsed as you are in your own cocoon of softness.

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