Reality Check: Explore Brokis’ New VR Villa

Reality Check: Explore Brokis’ New VR Villa

If you open up Google and search for an image of fireflies flooding a forest, the results are pretty underwhelming. It turns out that despite all of our beautiful cameras and editing software, it can be hard to convey wonder or spontaneity on a screen. 


This slippage between the real and the digital is something that designers have had to grapple with this year as they look for new ways to communicate their work to design-lovers stuck inside their homes.


One brand that has risen boldly to the challenge is Brokis, a Czech design house who have made a name for their enchanting light installations. As the pandemic unfolded, they decided to accelerate their plans to launch a VR villa, whose meticulously detailed interiors would allow the user to journey through the full range of emotions associated with a beautifully lit home.


The final product is a tantalisingly stylish space, whose lofty rooms and sculptural lights allow for just the right amount of armchair escapism. Join us as we take a look…

Night Birds


Puro Contour


The first thing you’ll notice on embarking on your virtual tour is that the traditional boundaries between indoor and outdoor living have completely disappeared. Come night-time, these hybrid spaces are brought to life by a mix of whimsical pendants, each of which helps create an ethereal domestic landscape.

Puro Solo


While visual impact was important, the design team at Studio Salaris also had to make sure that the intensity of each of the lights on display was based on photometric measurements. This attention to detail, coupled with the 360 degree perspective, allows visitors to get a precise sense of exactly the kind of ambience each luminaire is able to create.

Big One


Ivy Single


And while the team were bound by certain rules, this is a fantasy villa. Keen eyes will notice a shift in certain rooms from the warm, buttery light of summer to the cooler, blue light of winter — an atmospheric transition that seeks to convey a sense of how it might feel to live there year-round.


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Boldly conceived and perfectly executed, the Brokis VR Villa is a daring showcase of light. It’s also an exciting taste of things to come, as brands look to experiment with augmented and virtual reality to bring customers closer to their vision of a beautifully designed life. To take the tour yourself, click the link here. For info on all of the designs featured, (including soft furnishings from Cassina, Mogg, Moroso, Poltrona Frau, Porada, Paola Lenti & Zanotta) simply drop us a line on Live Chat.


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